28 French-Inspired Ornaments to Decorate Your Tree With

Wherever you’re celebrating your holidays in the world, make them French with a few France and French-inspired ornaments. Hang them on the Christmas tree or in the window to get in the holiday spirit à la française.

1. A sweet Parisian bear

Photo via Anthropologie

The French stereotypes of berets, baguettes, wine, scarfs and striped shirts have never looked so adorable. Buy it at Anthropologie for $16

2. A drool-inducing croissant

Photo via Macy’s

This croissant ornament is so realistic, we’ll be that you make plans to go get a croissant after this. Buy it on Macy’s for $9

3. A sparkling Eiffel Tower

Image via Sur La Table

The Grey Lady doesn’t need to be so grey on your lush green Christmas tree. Pick one that sparkles — like she does! — to stand out from the branches. Buy it at Sur la Table for $17

4. A handmade Joyeux Noël

Image via Etsy

A French Christmas-themed Christmas ornament: it’s meta and it’s perfect. Buy it on Etsy for $20

5. A glittering Champagne bottle

Image via Anthropologie

This glittery Champagne bottle is so adorable you’ll want to pop it open. A chic addition to any Christmas tree. Buy it on Anthropologie for $13 (or $16)

6. The essential French cookbook

Image via Sur La Table

For fans of Julia Child, French Guy Cooking, or just easy French cuisine, there’s this little French cookbook. Buy it at Sur la Table for $27

7. France mon cœur

Image via Etsy

Eat your way through Nice, see the beach in Deauville, ski the Alps with UCPA, shop the holiday market in Strasbourg, then buy this ornament to remember it all. Buy it on Etsy for $12

8. Some precious macarons

Photo via World Market

A classic: French macarons. Whether you prefer Ladurée or Pierre Hermé, these glass macarons will have you drooling at your Christmas tree. Buy it on World Market for $16

9. A (French?) french press

Image via Amazon

Is it French? Unclear. But it feels French! This french press ornament will remind you of mornings (and afternoons) sipping café en terrasse, or perhaps of all the café au lait drank in your chambre de bonne in the 10th arrondissement. Buy it on Amazon for $14

10. The dramatic Mont Saint-Michel

Image via Amazon

No ornament could ever recreate the grandeur of Mont Saint-Michel, but this one sure does a good job. Buy it on Amazon for $32

11. A chic Caviar tin

Photo via Anthropologie

Luxury but make it down to earth, that’s what you’ll say with your ornament of caviar in a can. It’s so parisien(ne). Buy it on Anthropologie for $16

12. Adorable Santas on the Eiffel Tower

Image via Macy’s

Any December trip to France should be honored on your holiday tree by this trio of Santas topping the Eiffel Tower with a star. It’s a reminder that Paris during the holidays truly is magical. Buy it on Macy’s for $6

13. An appetizing cheese stack

Image via Anthropologie

Perfection, the love of my life, all I’ll ever need — j’adore le fromage. We’ll stop there. Buy it on Anthropologie for $28

14. A set for Paris Fashion Week

Photo via Macy’s

Can’t decide on one ornament that represents your love of French fashion and the capital of style? Get a few! Buy it on Macy’s for $19

15. A delicious baguette

Photo via Crate and Barrel

Baguettes, the food item France is perhaps known best for. Served with every meal, the baguette is a central part of any trip to France. Buy it on Crate and Barrel for $6 (or $8)

16. The whole city of Paris

Photo via Amazon

A little bit of everything, this Kurt Alder ornament features the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Moulin Rouge, Sacré-Coeur and other notable Paris monuments. Buy it on Amazon for $19

17. A realistic lemon (a.k.a. a Cédric Grolet pastry)

Image via POSH Chicago

Perfect for the person who loves Cédric Grolet! This lemon looks just like his sweet trompe l’oeil fruit treats, available at his pâtisserie at Le Meurice. Buy it on POSH Chicago for $12

18. A dreamer’s passport

Photo via Macy’s

Did you go to Québec? Martinique? Belgium or another Francophone country? All your French travels can be commemorated with a passport ornament. Buy it on Macy’s for $6

19. French-girl red lipstick

Image via Bloomingdale’s

The symbol of French-girl beauty, a red lipstick will remind you of time spent thrifting for the perfect trench coat, eating at Jeanne Damas’s restaurant, and doing other chic french-girl things. Buy it on Bloomingdale’s for $12 (or $20)

20. A tasty pain au chocolat

Image via Sur La Table

Okay, so it’s not a true pain au chocolat, seeing as how it’s only drizzled with chocolate, but it sure looks good! Buy it at Sur la Table for $15

21. A French bulldog

Photo: BreganMetalWorks on Etsy

Frenchies, they’re actually French(ish). Get one for your Christmas tree. Buy it on Etsy for $11.

22. A seemingly edible cheese set

Image via Sur La Table

When one cheese ornament isn’t enough, get a cheese set. Buy it at Sur la Table for $60

23. A precious Eiffel Tower globe

Image via POSH Chicago

Small and precious, this Eiffel Tower in a globe, dotted with bits of glittery snow, will make you sigh wistfully, imagining your last trip to La Ville des Lumières.  Buy it on POSH Chicago for $12

24. Glitzy rosé Champagne

Image via Sur La Table

A summer trip to Provence or la Côte d’Azur should be celebrated with this bottle of rosé Champagne. Is the vintage 2019 or is it in honor of 2019? You decide. Buy it at Sur la Table for $22

25. A simple map of Paris

Image via Etsy

If glittery and shiny ornaments aren’t your thing, consider a map of Paris in a simple gold frame. Buy it on Etsy for $18

26. The very essential butter

Image via Macy’s

On bread, in croissants, with vegetables, coating pastas, covering chicken, filling pastries… butter and France go hand in hand. Buy it at Macy’s for $13

27. A glam ski gondola

Photo via Anthropologie

Remember your ski trip to the Alpes or Pyrénées with this glass gondola. If you went up the Aiguille de Midi, this is perfect for that too! Buy it on Anthropologie for $18

28. A Montgolfier hot air balloon

Image via Anthropologie

It’s elevated, elegant, and a subtle nod to France. Montgolfier is a reference to the Montgolfier brothers, two French men who invented this type of hot air balloon. Buy it on Anthropologie for $20.

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