Learn How To Make Macarons

These tasty French treats are soft as gold and just about as expensive. Yes, we’re talking macarons, the almond-flour cookie sandwiches made famous by retailers like Ladurée and Pierre Hermé.

In this video, Guillermo Riveros, Senior Video Producer of Chowhound, takes a lesson in making macarons from Daniel Boulud pastry chef Jayce Baudry, as part of his instructional video series CHOW-TO. Baudry teaches Riveros a few tricks about how to turn sugar, egg whites, and almond flour into little masterpieces. Some hints include the art of macaronage, the technique used to fold macaron batter to prevent air pockets that will disrupt the shape and texture of the cookies, and the proper technique for piping the batter onto the baking sheet.


Easy enough to make at home, claims the master pâtissier. Well, that’s up for you to decide. But now that you’ve got all the info, don’t be afraid to reach for the mixer and a piping bag, and get that sweet tooth revved up.