Your Perfect France: Win a Trip to Cognac and the Charentes, for Two!

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The Charentes region is located in western France: only a 90-minute drive from Bordeaux, between the cities of Angoulême and La Rochelle, and bordered by the Atlantic ocean. The region is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, stunning beaches, and historic cities, as well as its generous gastronomy and famous Cognac (brandy) vineyards. Autumn and winter are unique seasons in which to explore this region – the ideal time to wrap oneself in the warmth that surrounds the spirit’s know-how and traditions.

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Photo credits: Destination Cognac, Saintes crédit TTW Production/Charentes Tourisme, La Rochelle Tourisme, Château de Jonzac/Emilie Mouillade

👉 Guided tour of the city of Cognac, for 2, by Destination Cognac 
Discover the city of Cognac, from the Middle Ages to present time. Take a walk in the city’s historic section, through narrow cobbled streets full of history, from the castle where King François I was born to the rich residences of the city’s salt and brandy merchants. Five centuries of Cognac life are evoked during this visit.

👉 Guided tour of Saintes, for 2, by Saintes Tourisme 
With a rich thousand-year-old heritage, Saintes and its many exceptional sites are undoubtedly worth a detour, and invite you to dive into more than 2000 years of history and creation. You will love the Saintonge area for its sense of l’art de vivre, its stone houses and peaceful villages with their old-fashioned charm, and its many beautiful pathways along the Charente river.

👉 Guided 2-hour tour of La Rochelle, for 2, by La Rochelle Tourisme 
Welcome to the “beautiful and rebellious” city of La Rochelle! Explore the famous towers of the Vieux Port, the docks, the arcaded cobblestone streets, the bell towers, the cloisters, the majestic Hôtel de Ville… Your guide will take you for a deep dive into the great moments of a city with an incredibly rich past!

👉 Guided tour of the city of Jonzac, for 2, by Jonzac Haute-Saintonge
At the heart of the Haute-Saintonge region in southern Charente-Maritime lies the city of Jonzac, ideally located between La Rochelle and Bordeaux. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and vineyards, Jonzac is a busy historical city that remains a hub for daily activity. Explore its well-maintained historical buildings and streets, some of which can be traced back to the Romans, plenty of leisure activities (Les Antilles de Jonzac pool, Casino …), and regularly organized events and exhibits.


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Photo credits: Château Royal de Cognac, Normandin-Mercier, Cognac Frapin, Cognac Grosperrin

✨ Cognac Frapin – VIP Tour for 2
Maison Cognac Frapin invites you to penetrate the mysteries of their prestigious domain. During this visit, you will explore their vineyard and distillery, and then dive into their century-old aging cellars. Halfway through, nestled in the heart of the vineyard, a stop at Château Fontpinot will be made to discover the residence and the ancestors of the family (including the famous François Rabelais), followed by a cocktail break. The visit will continue at the Cognac Frapin headquarters with the discovery of their museum and assembly cellars, and will conclude with the tasting of 4 Cognacs, including an exceptional carafe: the Cuvée Rabelais…

✨ Cognac Grosperrin – Guided tour for 2 
Visiting the Cognac Grosperrin cellars is like entering in the artisanal world of cognac making in the 19th century. Located on the banks of the Charente in Saintes, Maison Cognac Grosperrin is famous for its rare and old Cognacs, which are carefully selected and aged. During this intimate visit, you will learn all the secrets of this spirit, and understand the work that goes into it, before tasting old and exceptional Cognacs.

✨ Château Royal de Cognac – “Secrets of the cellar” tour for 2
Le Château de Cognac was the birthplace of one of France’s most illustrious kings, Francois I. The Baron Otard purchased the Château and founded its Cognac House in 1795. Le Château de Cognac, which became a historic monument, is now a testimony to French History. During this visit, walk through the vestiges of the past, from the Middle Ages to the present day, and discover the natural conditions of Cognac aging so particular to the Château. Taste the different Cognacs (BARON OTARD VSOP, XO & EXTRA) in the heart of the cellars, and watch Cognac be extracted right before your eyes! Explore the renaissance rooms, as well as the King’s apartments, which are usually closed to the public.

✨ Cognac Normandin Mercier – Tour of the Domaine for 2
Normandin Mercier will welcome you into their former distillery to explain the history of the estate and Cognac in general, detailing all the stages of production of this brandy. In their aging cellars, you will also learn to understand the role of oak wood and blending.


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Photo credits: Chais Monnet Hotel & Spa, Albatros Hotel, Résidence des Coteaux, Villa Grand Voile, Hôtel du Palais

Chais Monnet Hotel & Spa ***** · 2 nights for 2 people, double occupancy. Inc. Breakfast
Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa offers 104 rooms, suites, and apartments; a Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant; a contemporary brasserie; a jazz bar; a rooftop lounge; meeting rooms; and a wellness area featuring a spa, fitness room, jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna. Spread over four buildings, the rooms and suites are each decorated in sophisticated French style. The combination of noble and natural materials not only enhances the aesthetic appeal, but ensures a sensory comfort that elevates the guest experience. In the “Chais”, the charm of a historic building that combines rich heritage and modernity lives on.

Hôtel du Palais*** · 1 night for 2 people, double occupancy, Inc. Breakfast
The Hôtel du Palais *** is housed in an 18th-century building, formerly the Tiercelettes convent. It is located in the heart of the old town of Angoulême, world capital of comics. This charming hotel has been designed and decorated to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

L’albatros*** on the Oléron island · 1 night for 2, double occupancy, Inc. Breakfast
Due to its unique location on the southern tip of the island, facing the ocean, the Hôtel-Restaurant L’Albatros*** invites the visitor to relax and indulge. The 18 charming rooms and 3 beautiful family suites offer a haven where you can unwind. L’Albatros also boasts several terraces, ideal for best enjoying the restaurant and the oyster bar. 

Villa Grand Voile***** in La Rochelle · 2 nights for 2 people, double occupancy. Inc. Breakfast
With its attractive white-stone facade and elaborate pediment, typical of early 18th-century shipowners’ mansions, the Relais & Châteaux La Villa Grand Voile, an intimate luxury hotel in La Rochelle, instills an epicurean art of living into its surroundings. Imagine a world apart where everything is designed for your pleasure: here, the clocks have stopped so that you may share in this timeless seaside adventure… La Villa Grand Voile is ideally located on a peaceful street, a few minutes’ walk from the vibrant Vieux-Port and historic side streets of La Rochelle, as well as from the 2 Michelin starred restaurant Christopher Coutanceau, and the marine-themed bistro, La Yole de Chris.

Les Coteaux de Jonzac Résidence · 1 night for 2 in a 2 room apartment
Located between Bordeaux and Cognac, in a landscape of windmills, vineyards, and rivers, Les Coteaux de Jonzac is a 4 star apartment complex in the heart of a Cognac vineyard. It is an ideal starting point to explore the area and stay active, whilst in a quiet and serene environment. Close to the Jonzac historical center and Les Antilles, one of the largest water parks in Europe, the residence invites its guests to discover the local countryside and history.


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Photo credits: Max COQUARD-Bestjober/Charentes Tourisme, Sébastien LAVAL/Charentes Tourisme

💛 Guided tour of the underground church in Aubeterre sur Drône, by Sud Charente Tourisme
Aubeterre-sur-Dronne, a Petite Cité de Caractère® and one of the Plus Beaux Villages de France, is a southern-style amphitheater village on the banks of a river. Its cobblestoned alleys and red-roofed white houses add to its charm. Visit its beautiful underground church with Sud Charente Tourisme.

💛 Comics Museum in Angoulême · Tickets for 2
Come and discover the city of Angoulême, the world capital of comic books, and a designated “creative city” by UNESCO! Its painted walls crisscrossing the city will not fail to amaze you.


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