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Frenchly, Bringing you the world, with a French twist

Frenchly is a Francophile arts and culture news magazine that caters to French speakers and enthusiasts in the U.S. and abroad, and Francophones everywhere.

We are committed to offering entertaining and insightful reporting on French culture, on topics ranging from how to host the perfect apéro, to what France’s startup culture is doing to combat the climate crisis. We bring a global cadre of experts into your living room to explore the best in French film, food, wine, fashion, language, literature, and more.

Our ongoing travel coverage provides the best recommendations for accommodations, restaurants, and things to do, brought to you by locals in destinations ranging from Montpellier to Montreal, Giverny to Guadeloupe.

Through our news and culture coverage, as well as our two weekly newsletters, “Le Weekend” and “Midweek Distractions,” Frenchly goes beyond France and Francophone nations to unpack global discussions, through a French lens. We strive to represent the evolving face of French culture through our dedication to inclusive discourse that celebrates the women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC individuals driving historic changes in arts, fashion, entertainment, and cuisine.

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Editor at large

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