13 Can’t-Miss Places in Deauville and Trouville

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From a tea shop to a fish market, from bars on the beach to a casino terrasse, there’s so much to do in Deauville and Trouville, the two coastal towns on either side of the Touques river. Here are our 13 favorite places to eat, drink and shop in the area.

Les Affiches

It is maybe the Trouvillais’ favorite address: Les Affiches, serving up bistro cuisine with Normandy flair in a pleasant setting with a view of the sea and a heated terrasse. Instead of a printed menu, in Les Affiches you’ll be reading a slate board with options, composed of the day’s catch and the fishermen’s offerings, scrawled upon it. The chef has some specialities: the squid des Affiches, la marmite de la mer with cider, and the tarte fine of andouille-camembert. To enjoy this lovely establishment, you must reserve a table in advance — 6, rue de Paris, Trouville. Mains from 12 to 18 €. 

Bar de la mer & Bar du soleil


We thought they were set to stay as were forever, but Bar de la mer and Bar du soleil now stretch beyond the Planches of Deauville. A wooden terrace gives the bars their colors: a shade of blue for the first and an Art Deco universe for the second. From sunrise to sunset, salads, seafood and cocktails welcome the summer guests. The perfect answer to the question, to be on Les Planches or on the beach? Both, of course! — Bar de la mer ( and Bar du soleil (, Planches de Deauville.

Poissonnerie Pillet Saiter

The fish market has half a dozen well-stocked stalls, all with a terrasse where you can stop for a plate of seafood and a glass of white wine. However, Pillet Saiter deserves special attention. The maison has been selling its own fish products for generations and offers some specialities that are worth tasting, starting with Jeannette fish soup. Also on the menu: cod accras, crab salad, lobster and roasted prawns.  — Boulevard Fernand-Moureaux, Trouville. Prix-fixe option of 6 fresh oysters and a glass of muscadet: 10€. 

Pipettes & Co —Arômes d’une tasse


Normande by birth, Anne-Pamy Dupont, who comes from a family of calvados producers with whom she has worked for a long time, took over the tea room opened a few years ago in 2018 to recreate it to her liking. The décor: soft armchairs, trinkets, books and flowers. On the menu: about 80 teas, ten coffees, homemade cakes (including orange cake, spice cake, and muffins) and, at lunchtime, dishes made by local chefs. Pipelettes & Co also has a gourmet food section where cakes, jams, chocolates, etc., are sold but also English tableware and scented candle as well. — 82, rue des Bains, Trouville. 


An alternative to the famous Vapeurs. Very popular for its grilled fish and mussels, this brasserie also offers a tasty selection of meats (such as duck confit and purée aux éclats de truffe, a pure delight). The service is exquisite and the prices very reasonable: a near perfect meal.  — 4, rue des Bains, Trouville. Prix-fixe menus from 15 to 31€50 

Cabane perchée


A spacious terrasse and large bay windows overlooking the sea, maritime décor: the formula is simple but effective. Opened in the spring of 2018 above the Trouville swimming pool, Cabane perchée was immediately adopted by the resort’s regulars. On the menu: various burgers for lunch, generous cheese and charcuterie boards for aperitifs and a wide choice of wines and cocktails. — Boulevard de la Cahotte, Trouville. 

L’Instant fromages

An address recommended by the natives of Trouville: in this historic cheese shop, the products are carefully selected and vary nicely, despite the preference naturally given to Norman specialities. Also to be tested is the wide selection of local alcohols. — 50, rue des Bains, Trouville. 

La Folie Douce


In Deauville, this summer will be more sweet than crazy! The Norman hot spot facing the sea, at the end of the Planches, has expanded its terrace, accentuating its club atmosphere on the inside and its cozy teak space on the outside. The DJs who come to set the scene on Friday and Saturday evenings are preceded by musicians and acoustic singers who accompany the gourmands. The new menu features salads, planchas and fish. With La Folie Douce, Deauville has found itself a nerve center that pulses with life from the early morning to the depths of the night and offers spaces and atmospheres for all types of customers and all moods. — La Folie douce, 1, avenue de la Terrasse, Trouville. 

The casino

Casinos may be intimidating, but it’s also a place of fun and relaxation. If you haven’t tried poker, you should Texas Hold’em on the electronic table, debuted on July 5, that can accommodate up to 10 players and even offer beginner sessions. To enjoy the Normandy sunshine or a good cigar, a blackjack table is set up on the terrasse facing the sea. Next door to the table, for thrill-seekers, is Ultimate poker. In 2018, the Deauville casino was the 10th largest in France, with 545,000 entries and 300 slot machines. Each player spent an average of 69 per visit. — Casino, 2, rue Edmond-Blanc, Deauville.

Les 4 Chats 


Stop by this brasserie-bistro for live music and friendly atmosphere. — 8, rue d’Orléans, Trouville-sur-Mer.

La pâtisserie Charlotte-Corday

The area’s favorite pastry shop for breakfast, lunch, tea and sweets. — 172, boulevard Fernand Moureaux, Trouville-sur-Mer.

Le glacier Martine Lambert

Buy your summer ice creams and sorbets at this neighborhood ice cream parlor. — 76 bis, rue Eugène Colas, Deauville.

This article was first published on Le Point.

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