Frenchly Editorial Guidelines

Frenchly, a subsidiary of French Morning Media Group, is a website dedicated to providing readers with up-to-date travel and cultural coverage on all things French. We publish independent reporting, recommendations, and reviews, written by a team of journalists who have lived and traveled extensively in France.

Safeguards Against Conflicts of Interest

Frenchly writers do not accept payment or receive gifts in exchange for our editorial content. Our journalists do attend press events and occasionally arrange for complimentary tickets and experiences with PR representatives to allow them to be able to accurately cover restaurants, hotels, films, books, and other cultural experiences. However we always ensure our coverage of these experiences is independent, that complimentary access to venues or events never influences our reviews, and that no conflict of interest occurs.


Frenchly has the unique opportunity to share authentic experiences of the best hotels, restaurants, bars, and other venues throughout France. Frenchly recommendations and reviews are based on personal experience, thorough research, and customer feedback. We update these lists regularly as new hotels and restaurants open and existing ones evolve. All cultural coverage (film, television, music, art exhibition, and book reviews) is independently written by experts in each field.


All content created for Frenchly is fact-checked by our editorial team before publication. We regularly review our travel guides to ensure that all of our information is up to date and accurate. If you find any information on our site that you believe to be inaccurate or in need of updating, please contact our Managing Editor at [email protected].

AI and Plagiarism Policy

All content on Frenchly is written and edited by humans. We remain committed to working with talented human writers and editors to produce original and factual information on all things French. We have a no-tolerance policy for plagiarism, whether produced with assistance from generative AI or outright stolen from other publications or writers.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored articles do not belong to the editorial team at Frenchly. They are provided or written at the request of the advertiser, who determines the content. All sponsored content is clearly labeled as such.

Affiliate Links

Our articles may contain affiliate links to partners such as Amazon. These website addresses contain tracking IDs that tell the website the user has come from Frenchly, and we receive a small amount of revenue every time something is booked or purchased through an affiliate link.

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