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Gabrielle Caunesil Shows How to Get a Natural French-Girl Makeup Look

French model Gabrielle Caunesil shows how to do her daily make-up in this YouTube tutorial.

7 French Journalists to Follow on Instagram

If you're always scrolling through Instagram, you might as well add something educational (and French) to your feed.

9 Instagrammable French Bars and Restaurants in New York

Whether you're opting for a bistro or brunch, these NYC spots will look stunning on your Insta page.

Is Rue Crémieux’s Status As Paris’s Biggest Instagram Trend Almost Over?

The Mona Lisa is no longer the hottest thing to take a selfie with in Paris.

14 French Female Illustrators to Follow on Instagram Now

Feminism and daily joys, body positivity and scenes from Parisian cafés. These are the talented French female illustrators to follow on Instagram.

How to Craft the Perfect Bastille Day Insta

Here's exactly what a good Bastille Day Insta has and doesn't have.

Paris’s Trendiest Instagrammable Hot Spot: Le Village Royal

The temporary installation in Paris is worth seeing — and photographing.

The French Instagrammers You Should Be Following

French Instagrammers are an entire breed of their own different from the Kim Kardashians and fashion bloggers of cyberspace: they are genuine!

This Video of Paris is the Most Wanderlust-Inducing Thing You’ll Ever...

You won't believe these incredible shots of Paris, by sunrise, midnight, and everything in between.

11 Essential Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Love Montreal

Satisfy your wanderlust for Québec and Montréal with these Instagram accounts.
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