The French Instagrammers You Should Be Following

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French Instagrammers are an entire breed of their own, vastly different from Kim Kardashian and #OOTD-obsessed bloggers. Instead, les françaises have the certain je-ne-sais-quoi, except that we know what it is: genuity.

French Instagrammers don’t really pose, their content is not all advertisement-infused, they post random photos they take of things they see, they’re honest, and they have flaws. Instead of sounding like a reality TV star, French Instagrammers are just friendly renditions of the actual person behind the screen. They focus on details — a roof here, a hat there, etc. Often, their feeds are not busy, but rather serene, filled with the little things that essentially make their life. Sometimes their Instagrams are quite funny, or mocking of themselves (as Jeanne Damas loves to do), but they are always true to the person and that’s why we love them.


Here’s a few French Instagrammers to start following:

Daphné Moreau@daphnemodeandthecity

Daphné is almost a transplant of UK’s Notting Hill, America’s Connecticut, and France’s 16th arrondissement: she loves preppy style and does so in an affordable manner. She includes a few luxury items here and there but in the end Daphne is just another girl who loves soldes (which she posts all the time).

Jeanne Damas@jeannedamas

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Dimanche à Paris ? #iwokeuplikethis

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The French “it girl,” Jeanne is a model, entrepreneur, writer, designer, and everything you can imagine. She’s also basically the coolest Parisienne out there, so why not learn from the master?

Denni Elias@dennielias

Denni is the only non-French on this list, but she really is somewhat more French than the actual françaises. She loves Roger Vivier and knows everything about haute couture. Denni is also just about the most fabulous Latina in Paris.

Caroline de Maigret@carolinedemaigret

Caroline doesn’t need an introduction because she’s virtually a legend. She knows everything about how to be a Parisian (she wrote a book about it too) and how to pair a black leather jacket with any outfit.

VuTheara Kham@vutheara

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Last Winter in Montmartre

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This one’s for aesthetic pleasure because Vutheara takes the best landscape photos of Paris and you might recognize a few already.

Anne Laure Mais Moreau@adenorah

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A summer day in London ☀️

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Boho-chic Parisienne Anne Laure has her own label and isn’t afraid to add a bit of color-pop into Parisian monochromes. She’s also a huge fan of reviving vintage design.

Leia Sfez@leiasfez

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Dimanche ?

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She has the perfect French fringe, wears jeans with a white t-shirt, and always a blazer — she’s the epitome of the Parisienne from the 4ème. She also knows how to casually slip a pair of Hermès slides into a casual everyday outfit.

Camille Charrière@camillecharriere

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Will twerk for pizza

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Warm-tone photographs, uber-feminism, and a good sense of humor is a good kind of attitude to have and Camille delivers just that.

Monica de La Villardière@monicaainleydlv

Monica is a luxe Parisienne that spends time between Paris and London. All her content is quite candid and very natural without imposing any kind of superficiality.

Louise Follain @louisefollain

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@fabriziodelrincon ?

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Louise reminds us of a young French Jane Birkin. She is always looking for adventure without over-glamorizing it.