An Offbeat Guide to Paris’ Most Instagrammable Spots

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Paris is picture-perfect. Every corner, every alleyway, and stairway has the ability to plunge one into a dreamland worthy of a million captures. The historic soundless chords of life that vibrate throughout this city, fused with contemporary minimalist design, make it absolutely Insta-perfect! What truly makes Paris beautiful is the intermingling of the monuments and the people. Lose yourself to the charm of cheese-country, wander the streets, and capture the most fabulous memories. Here’s a list to get you started at some of Paris’ most wonderfully photogenic places off the beaten path:

Dome of Sacré-Coeur Basilica

As a start, head over to one of the more touristy places in the city. An alternative to climbing the Eiffel Tower, climb the dome at Sacré-Coeur which offers the most breathtaking view of the entire city. It’s worth it!

Lamarck-Caulaincourt Metro Stop

While you’re in Montmartre, make sure to get off at this particular Métro stop. It’s impossible to walk by this stop’s vintage sign without taking a shot.

Le Très Particulier

One of the most secret gardens of Montmartre is a hotel bar, offering craft cocktails and the most Insta-worthy cocktail-sipping images.

Quai des Tuileries

Here’s a secret: this is the only point in Paris with all major national monuments within view on all sides. The lucky few get to live there too, on boats. Feel free to host a petit evening apéro there.


Paris’ most famous concept store is basically a continuous pop-up with ever-changing installations and, of course — the famous red car outside.

Square Léopold-Achille

The secret rose garden of Paris is the perfect escape to Marie Antoinette times without leaving the 21 century. Bring a picnic, sunbathe, read a book — everything is allowed here.

Pink Mamma

One of Paris’ most photogenic locations, this Pigalle resto is surprisingly affordable and absolutely any Francophile girl’s dream.

Canal Saint-Martin

Hipster-central, Canal Saint-Martin is the central area for doing absolutely nothing. Rent a boat (no license necessary) and cruise around on the calm waters.

Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen

Vintage finds, kitsch decor, and the most lively French personalities at this market. Perfect for a weekend morning of market digging.

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

Lush-central, this is the most underrated park in Paris. Grab a beer at Pavillon Puebla, recline on one of the outside couches, and snap a few pics of the perfect day that you’re having.

Le Saint-Régis

The perfect café-terrasse is on Île Saint-Louis facing Île de la Cité and Notre Dame. When the sun begins to set, the terrace is bathed in a golden glow. Don’t miss a rosé-hour shot here.

La Fontaine d’Henri IV

When this café is open, which it isn’t because the local government keeps trying to shut it down, it is the most random patio in the middle of Belleville, but also the most charming. It’s worth a trip to the hilly village to explore its communist past, artist residencies, and secret streets.

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