11 Essential Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Love Montreal

Image via "Off to Montreal" Facebook page

Sometimes we can’t be in the place we love. Or we can’t get to the place that we desperately want to visit. If Montréal (or Canada in general) is the place that fills you with wanderlust, nostalgia, or pride, here are 11 Instagram accounts you should follow. It’ll remind you of the land and its inhabitants you love.

The inspiring lifestyle account@aureliesauthier


This blogger and Montréal entrepreneur’s feed is a combination of the things she loves and a great attention to detail.

The account for the prettiest Montréal pics: @elodielepape

It is thanks to this Instagrammer, Elodie Le Pape, that the “Photowalk Montréal” project was born! Objective? A marathon pic-snapping day visiting 5 emblematic Montreal locations, punctuated with challenges.

The account that’ll make your mouth water@patrice_demers

The Montreal pâtissier takes pictures of her creations that are so beautiful and tempting, we’re practically licking the iPhone screen.

The account for Insta-perfect Montréal: @hello_panducci

Adeline is a super blogger of sorts, recounting her adventures in on her blog “Hello Panducci” and on FacebookYoutube and her ultra pretty Instagram.

The account to get you on your feet: @photowalkmontreal

Run by an Instagrammer on this list, Elodie Le Pape started this account for the aforementioned Photowalk Montreal project. If you want to see the city on foot, this is your guide.

The account for fans of the Canadian wilderness: @traveltiph

If you also dream of wilderness and wildlife, Tiphaine and Pierre, two French people on the move in Canada, will be your guides through adventures on the roads of the North via their Instagram account (or on Facebook).

The account to see the best of Montréal: @inayali

All about that sunset ☀️

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The brain behind this account is none other than the founder of Mtl Cafe Crawl which is doing its best to make a cult out of Montréal coffee lovers. Take a tour of the city’s hot spots by viewing their account.

The account for a Montréal food tour: @toutedansmesfesses

“Toute dans mes fesses” calls herself a “foodporn professional.” Simple enough, she goes around Montréal testing restaurants and posts pictures of the food she loves with the addresses where she found them.

The account for feeling like you actually live there: @offtomontreal

Blogger Marine, who writes the blog “Off to Montreal”, shares her discoveries and life adventures on this charming and very human Insta feed.

The account for a filtered (literally) view: @anotherdayinmontreal

Alessandro, a freelance photographer, captures Montréal moments in a new light.

The account to make you feel artsy: @vistavista

The sky is on ?

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Hind, the woman behind this account, posts photos of lone chairs, interesting escalators, empty cafés, lone cups of coffee, and lots of buildings, all together depicting the artsy-est Montréal you didn’t know existed.