14 French Female Illustrators to Follow on Instagram Now


1. Virginie Cognet


Mixing floral patterns with nature, Virginie Cognet (@virginiecognet) will remind you to think of the simple joys in the world, like reading a book, buying fresh vegetables and sipping on a warm mug of tea. She also has an Etsy account where you can purchase cards, posters and prints.

2. Coraline Danthez


Coraline Danthez’s work (@coralinedanthez_illustration) can be described as nothing short of #mood. Depicting flatlays, landscapes and dramatic scenes reminiscent of film noir, her Instagram feed always relays a certain feeling of French-girl cool.

3. Eloïse Heinzer


Working with just one, two or three colors at a time, Eloïse Heinzer (@elo_heinz) portrays complex emotions and beautiful moments with simple lines and basic coloring. Women — dealing with the complexities of being a woman in the world or just simply living — feature prominently in her feed.

4. Lena Piroux


Relatable is the word that comes to mind while scrolling through Lena Piroux’s feed (@lenapiroux). From struggling to do yoga to fighting burnout, Piroux’s illustrations, which seem to be a self-portrait of the artist), will make you go “that’s so me.”

5. Cécile Dormeau


Feminists will take great joy in Cécile Dormeau’s feed (@cecile.dormeau). Her sex positive, body positive, feminist, diverse illustrations feature women of all kinds having empowering, vulnerable and real moments: smiling while holding back tears, debating whether to shave or not, calling out double standards between men and women, embracing curves. See Dormeau’s illustrations in Angèle’s song “Balance Ton Quoi.”

6. Robabee Moinfar


A taste of Paris in an Instagram feed. Robabee Moinfar (@robabee_illustrations) uses pencils to present multicolored, dynamic scenes from Paris’s cafés. With the name of the café noted in the illustration or caption, you can’t help but imagine Moinfar on the terrasse with her colored pencils and paper spread across the formica tabletop, eavesdropping on fellow diners. Shop for prints here.

7. Angeline Melin


Had you thought it was impossible to feel jealous of an illustration, Angeline Melin (@angelinemelin) would prove you wrong. Her drawings feature younger women that can only be described as “Parisian-cool.” The French girls are style icons, pictured doing utterly chic things — sipping wine on a terrasse, biking in heels, lounging care-free on a beach — and presenting their #OOTDs. Get style inspo, Paris wanderlust and a daily mood boost on Melin’s feed.

8. Nicholle Kobi


A self-described “Afro-Parisienne,” Nicholle Kobi (@nichollekobi) illustrates the lives of black women because, as she explains, the visibility of black women as a part of society and in art is important. Rocking gowns with thigh-high slits, hanging out on Paris balconies, relaxing in nature and enjoying the company of their families, the drawings avoid any stereotyping and instead focus on depicting real black women living their normal lives.

9. Agathe Sorlet


Agathe Sorlet’s creations (@agathesorlet) are about all kinds of love. Love for oneself and one’s body, between gay and straight couples, in romantic, platonic and sexual ways. Reds, pinks, oranges and blues color the existence of these (mostly female) characters featured in the work. Shop Sorlet’s work here.

10. Marie Margo


Marie Margo (@marie.margo) takes ink and colored pencil line drawings and deposits them in the real world. Riding a lemon-wheel bicycle, wearing a burnt orange leaf or cooling off in a cup of ice water, it’s fun to see how these charming illustrations will interact with the world next. Shop her work here.

11. Margaux Motin


Margaux Motin (@margauxmotin) illustrates the daily pleasures and frustrations of life. The work pays special attention to details, depicting everything from the flip flop carelessly hanging off a swinging foot to the texture of a messy bun. Many of the posts will make you laugh because the primary illustrated character (likely an auto-portrait of Motin) enjoys life with a wonderful sense of humor. A particularly funny illustration depicts three girls in their boyfriends’ clothing — sexy in an oversized blazer, sexy in a slouchy button down, sexy in baggy jeans — and then Motin her in her boyfriend’s clothing: huge shirt, gray hoodie, and baggy sweatpants.

12. Lulu “la Nantaise”


From getting ready for a night out to a pointed toe at the beach, Lulu “la Nantaise” (@illustralulu) illustrates the small moments in life. Her style is distinct, using colorblocking with bright, warm colors to bring to life simple drawings of rosé bottles and happy girls putting on sunscreen.

13. Babeth Lafon


A dose of self-care can be found in Babeth Lafon’s feed (@babethlafon). Fluid flowers, ripe fruit, strong female faces (representing a diversity of women), and those routines that are so important to the consistency of life —  breakfast, beauty, work. It’s a breath of fresh air, calmness and serenity.

14. Soledad Bravi


The most well-known of the bunch, Soledad Bravi (@soledadbravi) creates illustrations that you’ve likely seen on book covers and in Elle magazine. Using lines, hard angles and often just a few colors, her regular characters depict the stress of Mondays, the joy of going to the beach and Bravi’s personal memories in a short comic strip format.

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