Paris’s Trendiest Instagrammable Hot Spot: Le Village Royal

Photo: Frenchly

Le Village Royal, between place de la Concorde and Madeline, with its couture boutiques, may not be on your list of places to visit in Paris, but with it’s the newest installation of an umbrella ceiling, it is a must-have Instagram shot.


Inspired by the original Portuguese village Agueda that puts up colorful umbrellas, dubbed “Umbrella Sky Project,” in the summer months to attract tourists, Le Village Royal recreated the same above its open square connecting the stores around it. Colorful umbrellas form a toît on the square, making March’s rainy Parisian days a bit more fun. And while you’re snapping your shot, take an extra moment to see the works of sculptor Dirk De Keyzer below the umbrellas.

These two installations are here to stay at least through the end of April, as confirmed by the Village Royal, before Parisian spring comes in full swing with colors and blossoms.

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We did quite a few videos yesterday at Le Village Royal @levillageroyal And while we were there, my crew and I, I made this smartphone photo using a super wide lens attachment an Olloclip @olloclip I just love showing architectural details from on up, looking down at the umbrella installation. It’s a really unique vantage point, showing you something you don’t ordinarily see, not everybody has access to these views. People ask me, why don’t you come when it’s sunny, because when it is sunny you get stark contrast between bright highlights and parts of the buildings are in the shadows, it does two things, it messes up your exposure for you to properly show the highlights and the shadows. This means unless you do HDR, it is not gonna look really that good, I don’t like HDR, it also will not give you the rich and vibrant colors of the umbrellas you can get in one capture. I am a firm believer that any photo worth making should be done in one exposure. Plus a bunch of umbrellas on a sunny day does not really make sense now does it! There is getting your exposure right, to show better contrast better colors and there is also, does photographing umbrellas on a sunny day, when they are used in the Western world when it rains, does that make sense? Now if you’ve traveled a bit you know that parts of the world people use umbrellas on sunny days because let’s face it, umbrellas are way more effective than sunscreen but that’s for another topic. #thisisparis always something new to discover, taste and experience #paris #topparisphoto #topfrancephoto #topeuropephoto #hello_france #super_france #igersfrance #visitfrance #merveillesdefrance #parisjetaime #parismonamour #parigi #igersparis

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The passage, now dubbed “village,” was first in the city’s blueprints in 1745 to create a path between boutiques, butchers, fishmongers, merchants, bakers, etc. Commercial activity of the square then continued to bloom and was inaugurated as Village Royal in 1760. The village would then continue to develop, flourishing with new trades, and even a new name for a moment, until 1992 when it was completely renovated. Preserving the historical structures, the renovation remodeled the old style shops into chic locations for boutiques like Dior and Chanel as well as Anne Fontaine, Agatha, and Eric Bompard among other storefronts.

While the umbrella sky might have been more expected and appropriate near Pep’s, Europe’s last umbrella repairman, it still reminds us of the French fondness for les parapluies no matter where it is.

If you’ve always dreamt of reenacting scenes between Michel Legrand and Catherine Deneuve from “Les Parapluies De Cherbourg,” here’s your one and only chance.

Le Village Royal is located at 25 rue Royale between Place de la Madeleine and Faubourg Saint-Honoré