Midweek Distractions 10/11/23: ‘Lupin’ & Other Shows to Watch


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Like many Francophiles around the world, I spent last week watching the third installment of Lupin, the blockbuster Netflix show starring Omar Sy. TV coverage is always an interesting project for me. Some shows will send me advance copies of shows before they air, called screeners, but Netflix keeps a tight grip on most of its content. So when something big comes out, like Lupin or Emily in Paris, I have to watch the whole thing in real time. It can be a brain-melting experience. (You try watching five straight hours of Emily in Paris and holding onto your sanity.)

It’s also guaranteed to get a laugh out of my friends when I tell them I can’t go out, because I have to stay in to watch seven hour-long episodes of a new French TV show. Yet I persist, because you deserve to hear my unfettered (okay, slightly fettered) thoughts on the latest in French language media.

You can check out my review of Lupin, Part 3 here. Since the season finale leaves almost no doubt that Part 4 will be on its way, I’ve decided to pick up some Arsène Lupin books to learn more about the inspiration behind this sexy, high octane drama. Stay tuned.

We’ve also got some Lupin-inspired French vocabulary to help you get a linguistic workout while watching. And in case you’re looking for something else to watch once you’ve finished bingeing Lupin, you can revisit some of my other TV recs from the last year or so. Reality fans will love Bravo’s Real Girlfriends in Paris, while rom-com aficionados will be swooning over The Hook Up Plan. Comedy buffs should check out Standing Up from the creator of Call My Agent!, but they should avoid the Call My Agent! British remake. Stranger Things and Twin Peaks fans might like The 7 Lives of Lea, while readers of classic French literature might take a peek at the Starz Dangerous Liaisons adaptation. And let’s not forget some of our favorites, like the World War II historical retelling Transatlantic, and the cutthroat wine world drama Drops of God.

Things I found on the Internet…

God creating France. Would you try an oyster vending machine? How about a croissant pizza? And how does West African French sound compared to European French?

Catherine Rickman
Managing Editor, frenchly.us

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