‘Lupin’ Vocabulary: Learn French with Netflix

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It’s time to up your study game. Lupin, starring Omar Sy, has maintained its status as one of Netflix’s most successful French TV shows. It combines high-stakes glamor with scenes from Paris’s grittier quartiers, offering plenty of opportunities to pick up some colloquial Parisian French. Part 3 is premiering this Thursday, October 5, so if you haven’t started watching yet, it’s time to get caught up.

Collier – Necklace

Assan: “Donc, c’est ça, le collier de la Reine.” (“So, that’s it, the queen’s necklace.”)

Enchère – Auction

Janitor: “Ils le mettent aux enchères. Ça va dépasser les 20 millions.” (“They’re putting it up at auction. More than 20 million euros.”)

Une belle gueule – Handsome face/good looks

Claire: “T’as une belle gueule, mais une sale tête.” (“You’ve got a handsome face, but a stupid head.”)

Comme d’hab – As usual (short for “comme d’habitude”)

Claire: “C’est compliqué et ça va pas durer, c’est ca? Comme d’hab.” (“It’s complicated and won’t last, right? Like usual.”)

Se planter – Make a mistake/screw something up

Claire: “Tu t’as planté trois fois.” (“You’ve messed up the last three times.”)

Oseille – Money/cash/dough

Assan: “Je vous explique comment faire beaucoup d’oseille.” (“I’ll tell you how to make a lot of dough.”)

Agent d’entretien – Janitor

Assan: “Je suis agent d’entretien. Au Louvre.” (“I’m a janitor at the Louvre.”)

Voler – Steal

Assan: “Le collier… on va le voler.” (“This necklace… we’re going to steal it.”)

Pierres – Rocks, jewels, gemstones

Thibault: “Ses sept pierres disséminées aux quatre coins du monde.” (“Its seven stones were spread across the four corners of the earth.”)

Nager – Swim

Juliette: “Si tu nages jusqu’à moi, je t’embrasse.” (“If you swim to me, I’ll kiss you.”)

Gentleman-cambrioleur – Gentleman burglar

Anne: “Arsène Lupin, gentleman-cambrioleur. Très bon choix.” (“Arsène Lupin, gentleman-burglar. Very good choice.”)

Coup d’œil – Peek, quick glimpse

Assane: “A ce prix-là… Juste un petit coup d’œil.” (“At that price… Just a little peek.”)

Lâcher – Let go

Babakar: “Je suis innocent! Lâchez-moi !” (“I’m innocent! Let me go!”)

Braquage – Robbery

Vincent: “Il y a eu un braquage. Personne ne sort.” (“There’s been a robbery. No one is allowed to leave.”)

Voyou – Thug

Thibault: “Ces voyous l’ont malmené.” (“These thugs roughed him up.”)

Gars – Guy

Assane: “Il m’emmenait faire les courses chez un gars, près de la station-service.” (“We’d go grocery shopping at this guy’s, near the gas station.”)

Loup – Wolf

Assane: “Arsène Lupin est un loup solitaire.” (“Arsène Lupin is a lone wolf.”)

En retard – Late

Claire: “Raoul, c’est papa!” (“Raoul, it’s your dad!”)

Raoul: “Il est pas en retard?” (“He’s not late?”)

Dommage – Shame

“Paraît que t’es toujours sur ton portable? C’est dommage.” (“I hear you’re always on your phone. What a shame.”)

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