Midweek Distractions 8/2/23: Travel Budgeting

Young woman planning vacation trip and searching information or booking hotel on a smart phone
Is it just me, or has travel planning gotten a thousand times more difficult over the last few years? Thankfully we’re largely past the period of aggressive pre-flight Covid testing and showing our vax cards. (Do you even know where yours is anymore? I don’t.)

But hotels, Airbnbs, and restaurants have all gotten more expensive, even the formerly affordable ones. And the rise of budget airlines has been both a blessing and a curse, with airlines sneakily shrinking your carry-on bag allowances inch by inch to try and trick you into paying for a checked bag. (This happened to our editor Caitlin Shetterly in April. She and her family ended up paying almost $300 extra for their bags on the way to France.)

One day, I’ll win the lottery or trick some wealthy deposed European count into marrying me sans-prenup, and it will be all first class bottle service and reclining chairs. In the meantime, I will be giving you the budget recs you need in this economy, because every bit counts. We have a guide to free things to do in Paris, Paris neighborhoods to stay in for every budget, and even some dish on how to travel with only a backpack or personal item. (Because, let’s face it, checked bags are for amateurs.) Later this week, we’ll have an updated guide to Airbnbs in Paris under $100 (honestly a steal these days). For now, check out our Cannes hotel guide, which even has some actually affordable hotel recs, so you can be act like you’re in one of those “bougie broke” TikToks.

Catherine Rickman
Managing Editor, frenchly.us

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