Midweek Distractions 11/1/23: Every way to use an apple

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It’s getting to be cozy season, and I know that in Paris, the brightly colored leaves are putting on a cancan show as the wind rustles through them. In my opinion, fall is all about having an excuse to turn your oven on and get some hearty cooking done. We’ve got an apple tart recipe from Kate Christensen that would be a great way to use up that giant bag of apples from the farm down the road. (Or the one you paid way too much money to pick apples at upstate, if you’re a city gal like I am.) But my favorite way to enjoy apples is in cider form. French hard cider, typically from Normandy, is way more complex and interesting than a lot of the commercial ciders you can find in the U.S. It can be clean and dry, or marvelously funky, with that unmistakable farm-y taste.

There’s a great French cider brand I love called Aval, which is from Brittany and is available in the U.S. Add a little lemon juice and a shot of whiskey to one of their three different ciders for an easy fall cocktail. But if you happen to be in France, we’ve got a guide to the differences between French and American cider, and where you can drink cidre in Paris.

Looking ahead to winter, we recently published a guide to what to do in Paris in winter. Though the city can get cold and gray starting in December, there’s a romance to the city around Christmastime as the lights go on and the whole of Paris begins to sparkle.

Have you ever traveled to Paris in the winter? What did you enjoy doing? Let me know at [email protected].

If you’re looking for other ways to stay cozy this fall, check out Amanda Bankert’s new vegan pastry cookbook. (The Paris-based American pastry chef slyly replaced all the pastries at her donut shop, Boneshaker Donuts, with vegan versions, just to see if anyone would notice. They didn’t! So you know these recipes are for everyone. Even the vegan skeptics.)

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