This Summer, Travel to France on a Budget With French bee

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[Sponsored article] How about spending a summer in France?

With its four routes between the United States and France, French bee allows you to travel en France this summer at a low price! But don’t wait too long, prices are likely to increase before the summer.

The Airline That Connects the United States to France

The French airline, which has operated in New York since 2020, has expanded in the United States and currently serves three other American cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami.

French bee is committed to offering you quality flights at the lowest possible price:

For all routes, French bee guarantees the latest generation of aircraft, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. The airline offers the quietest cabins on the market, with noise reduction and full LED lighting, offering a soothing lighting atmosphere that varies according to the different phases of flight. You won’t even feel like you’re flying!

A personalized trip: create your “à la carte” trip

As usual, French bee offers three categories of tickets for your flight:

  • Basic travel at a lower cost with a carry-on bag.
  • Smart”– includes carry-on baggage, checked baggage, and in-flight meals.
  • Premium“– includes one carry-on bag, in-flight meals, two checked bags, choice of seat, ability to skip the line, priority boarding, and priority baggage delivery.

Note that French bee is committed, regardless of the category of your ticket, to offering you tickets that are “100% exchangeable and 100% modifiable up to 1.5 hours before the flight’s departure.

So, ready to say à cet été la France?

With tickets starting at $228, Paris has never been so close to the U.S.!

If you want to explore cities other than Paris, French bee has teamed up with SNCF (France’s main rail company) to offer you train + air routes to make your travel in France easier. Read more about it here.

Book your flight now.

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