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Fashion Designer Alexa Chung Learns How to Date Like a French...

Never mess with a French woman when love is on the line.

How You Know You’re Dating A French Canadian Guy

Beer, cars, and a Quebeçois accent — what's not to like about French Canadian guys?

French-American Couples On What It’s Like To Be In A Relationship

One American, one French person, one cross-cultural relationship.

10 Reasons To Date A French Guy

Love is in the air... love for French men, that is.

The Dating App That’s Actually What You Want a Dating App...

Looking for a love interest on app can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Or, in other words, like looking for a good boyfriend in New York.

How to Know You’re Dating a French-Canadian Woman

Dating French girls can be difficult. Dating French Canadian girls? Not so much, apparently.

“Monogamy has Changed”: Esther Perel, the Belgian Woman Talking to Americans...

Famous "sex guru," this researcher and relationship expert knows the differences between Europeans and Americans when it comes to infidelity.

How to Break Up with Someone in French

Dating is hard. Breakups are harder.

5 Types of French Guys You’ll Date in NYC

They may insist they're all unique and different, but there are 5 core kinds of Frenchmen you can date in NYC.
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