Alexandre Cormont, the Real-Life Love Coach

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(Sponsored article) “It’s a good movie.” The parallel between Hitch, a romantic comedy starring Will Smith as a love coach, and Alexandre Cormont’s universe is a tempting one to make.

The Miami Frenchman is a “relationship professional.” Injured during a basketball world championship at the age of 19, this former sportsman switched over to “love coaching” thanks to a coaching and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) training.

Relationship roadmaps

He launched a website in 2007 where, through articles and webinars, he gave advice in five different areas that he views as the core principles of love: self confidence, seduction, second chance, healthy relationships, and intimacy. “Personal fulfillment is connected to one’s romantic situation,” he says, summing up his philosophy. “I save families, not the ego of an injured client.”

The articles on the site provide a relationship roadmap of sorts, offering answers and suggestions on the massive issues and the minutiae of relationship maintenance. There are suggestions for cute things to do for a girlfriend, not only on a daily basis, but also on her birthday, your anniversary, and after a fight. The tone is light when Cormont doles out a collection of insightful quotes about ex-lovers, and the expertise is evident when he dishes on the reality of what men like.

“I am a counselor, not a magician”

He also provides coaching sessions for that consist of listening to the problems, making a personalized action plan, setting objectives, and reassessing at a follow-up. His method is more about personal development than miracle solutions. “If I get an unhealthy request or if for something that’s out of my control, I send the client to someone else,” explains the Cormont. “We work toward attainable objectives. I am a counselor, not a magician.”

Based in Miami for “its environment, its possibilities, and the melting pot of Magic City,” he works alongside seven other coaches. Their clientele is Franco-American and mostly female. Besides continuing his Franco-American business, Cormont hopes to expand his services for an Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish clientele.


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