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Is French Toast Actually French?

It's called French toast... but is it really French? Frenchly investigates.

Why Do France and the U.S. Have Different Shoe Sizes?

When you're lost in a French store and wondering if you're a size 30 or 40, here's why you're looking at such different sets of numbers.

Why Don’t France and the US End Daylight Savings at the...

You may think daylight savings is the same across the globe but in the US, we lose an hour in early November and in France, they fall back at the end of October.

What Exactly is France’s Fifth Republic?

Macron may be a "strong president," but at least he's got precedent.

Why Are There No French Pop Stars Who Sing in French?

Stromae? Belgian. Cœur de Pirate? Canadian. What happened to all the French musicians?

Why Do French People Have the Reputation of Being Good in...

The word on the street (or in the bedroom) is that French people are good in bed. But is that true?

Why Do the French Sing “I Will Survive” at Soccer Games?

It's the Gloria Gaynor song that we all know and love, plus a some "la la la la laaaaaa" in the middle.

Why Does French in Québec Sound So Weird?

Why do people in Canada speak French? And why does it sound so different from the French spoken in France?

Firearms: Are France and the United States Really that Different?

French gun laws are a favorite talking point in this debate over gun control, so we're comparing France and United States in terms of gun violence.
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