Midweek Distractions 9/27/23: Paris Fashion and a “New York Roll”

The "New York Roll" at Bo & Mie

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A few weeks ago, Caitlin brought up the topic of French style in her Le Weekend, and asked me to go undercover while in Paris to see what the Parisians are wearing these days. Of course, classic French fashion rarely changes, but there were definitely some notable trends taking center stage. Now, I had to go full Totally Spies on this one, sneaking photos to prove that these weren’t just items of clothing carefully selected in a vacuum by a marketing department. (And listening in on conversations to confirm that my subjects were French, and not just well-dressed tourists.) These are the lengths of in-depth research I’m willing to go to for you, folks.

I did have a few fashion adventures of my own while in Paris, though. After enjoying one of the best donuts in Paris from Mamiche (truly, I will be dreaming about those donuts for months), I stumbled into a vintage store so new and off the radar that it wasn’t even listed on Google. The shop, La Garde Robe d’une Parisienne, was like a catalog of Paris fashion history, containing exclusively brands from Parisian couturiers, many of which are no longer in operation, with clothes sectioned out by decade. It’s been added to our list of the best places to go thrifting in Paris, and you should definitely check it out if you’re in France and looking to spice up your fall wardrobe.

In croissant news…

Since I fancy myself something of a croissant fanatic, people often send me trendy croissant content. (Particularly after I published this piece on weird croissants worldwide.) While in France, I finally ate a French version of the viral “Suprême” croissant from Lafayette Grand Bakery in NYC, which I’ve never bothered trying to get at home because there’s always a crazy line and it often sells out. Some boulangeries in Paris have started selling an identical version of the Suprême, which Parisians hilariously refer to as a “New York roll.” Since many people have sent me TikToks of this pastry, I’ve been happy to tell them that yes, I ate it; yes, it was good; and no, I wouldn’t wait in line for it.

Things I found on the Internet…

How to know if someone is French just by looking at them. The amazing French word for ADHD. And how to make a crêpe during a heat wave.

Also, French tacos, the bizarre Lyonnais phenomenon I explained a while ago in this piece, have made their way to, of all places, Seattle. Be forewarned–they could be coming for your city next.

Catherine Rickman
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