Dude Fashion: How to Dress Like a Chic French Guy

A man and a woman walking down the street

The coats, the scarves, the sunglasses  just  the effortless style: Both French men and women have long been worldwide fashion inspirations and symbols of dressing smart. Some might say it’s genetic. But the truth is, it only takes a little attention to details while nurturing your personal sense of style and you, too, can become a chic French dude.

The Shirt

a man wearing a blue silk shirt

White and cotton is a staple, but this spring, go for blue and silk. It’s wise to invest in excellent materials and styles that you can combine with more outfits than one. This one is from Zara.

The Pants

a man near water

Yes, jeans are forever and grey joggers are all the rage on Instagram. But, surely, we can do better than that. Enter the pleated straight leg pants, in a sleek ocher, beige, navy, or black. These from Zara will be easy to pair with many tops and shoes. They work for a night out, getting your morning coffee and a baguette on a Saturday. 

The Hat

a man wearing a hat

Hats are not for ‘some other people,’ they are for every guy who wants to elevate his style and add a cherry on top of the carefully curated outfit. And mind you, it’s easy to put on a sports cap, or a bucket hat – they’re everywhere. Why not go for a classic pork-pie? It can be black, like this one from Asos, or you can go crazy and go for the color that screams ‘sipping wine on a terrace in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

The Trench

a man wearing a trench coat

Paris can get a little chilly and it often stays like that until June, believe it or not. But, wherever you are, style elevation begins with the perfect coat, and lucky for you, there are endless choices. This one is from Massimo Dutti. The color is perfect for both spring and fall. It works great with dress shoes and sneakers and wearing it on chilly spring mornings will make all the difference.

The Scarf

a man wearing a scarf

The devil is in the details. A hat does improve an overall look, but a scarf tells the world that you know exactly what you’re doing. Men and scarves work so well together, so why not go a little further and get yourself a silk one for spring summer and fall? H&M has this fantastic checkered one that is perfect for any weather.

The Shoes

stan smith sneaker

We’re talking about French Men’s style, so naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is the Stan Smiths. You’d be amazed at how much Parisians love their Stan Smiths and the sheer number of outfits they wear them with is mind-blowing–they make them work no matter what they seem to have on. They’re a staple for French girls as well, so this is not just a guy thing. Stan Smiths are the the best fashion choice you’ll have made in years.

The Suit

a man in a green suit

We all need a good suit in our closets. You might be the type to only dress in suits, or you might wear that one you already have from wedding to wedding. But if you’re thinking about something new, try, dare-we-say – green? This one is a bit brave, if you’re a beginner in courageous colors and textures, but it inspires nevertheless. And if you want to be bold, pair it with the Stan Smiths. We double dare you.

Jana Misho is the author of “Almost Parisian: How To Survive Your Late Twenties in Paris” and “Anais from Montmartre.” She writes things she wants to read and is inspired by art, people and obscure Parisian cafés. Probably the only person in the world who has a tattoo of Tour Montparnasse. Her third novel “Lulu” is now on Amazon.

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