#VCNY16 Lineup: A Beatboxing Duo From Bretagne

Krismenn and Alem are not your typical singing duo.

Krismenn, a singer from Brittany known for singing in the Celtic language of Breton, sings a tune that twists and turns through the sounds of Alem, a world famous French beatboxer, who spits out sounds that no one thought could possibly come from a human mouth. Together, the sound is unlike anything you have heard before: a mesmerizing, haunting, foot-tapping, head-nodding tune.

Their sound is both past and present, combining an ancient language with futuristic musical sounds. It transcends any type of description; it’s not pop, classical, indie.

Watching Krismenn and Alem perform is extraordinary, not just because it will make you wonder how long they can go without taking a breath, but because of their musical chemistry. The duo is coming to New York this Saturday, October 1st, for the Vieilles Charrues Music Festival’s 25th Anniversary celebration in Central Park.

Watch the video to see a past performance from Krismenn and Alem:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbboPdzfJQ8&w=560&h=315]

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