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[Sponsored article] Travelling to the Charentes, France, means discovering a region rich in gastronomy and, above all, oenology, with the region’s leading product: Cognac. Explore Cognac invites you to take your time and discover this beautiful piece of France, and dive into a selection of environmentally-friendly activities centered around the spirit. 

Discovering Cognac Houses along cycling trails

A real pillar of French gastronomic and oenological culture, Cognac has made its region a spearhead of wine tourism. Thanks to Explore Cognac discover the region through activities combining sports and wine tourism.

If pedaling is your passion, the Charentes region is just what you’re looking for. Start your tour by renting a sports or electric bike from Ouest Charentes Outdoor in Jarnac, and set off to discover the vineyards. Take the “Flow Vélo” cycling route to discover the Cognac AOC in the Charentes region. Along the way, enjoy unique landscapes along the water’s edge. Discover renowned towns such as Cognac, or let yourself be charmed by Angoulême, a UNESCO “Creative City.”

In the Cognac region, legendary Cognac houses such as Hennessy offer unique tours of their vineyards, immersing you in a prestigious French gastronomy.

Perhaps you prefer city trips? Then discover La Rochelle by bike, and for the more sporty among you, head for Oléron on the Vélodyssée. Breathe in the sea air as you pedal along.

Bike tour of Cognac vineyards

An oenological and active experience for all the senses

The Charentes region, and more specifically the Cognac area, has the distinction of being one of France’s gastronomic hotspots. With its charming landscapes of countryside, ocean, and river, you can discover great Cognac vintages, then head out to sea to savor local oysters.

Indeed, the region is as beautiful to discover on foot as it is by bike. And it’s also a region brimming with landscapes to suit everyone. If cycling isn’t your cup of tea, Maison Boinaud, for example, offers a walking tour of its vineyards. Experience a unique moment by concluding your visit with a Cognac tasting as the sun sets.

If you’re a thrill-seeker, or if being on dry land isn’t your thing, Ouest Charentes Outdoor offers you the chance to become a navigator and hire canoes to visit the banks of the Charentes rivers. Awaken your inner adventurer!

Canoe trip on the rivers of the Charentes region

Do you prefer wide horizons? Then get on board a catamaran and sail off the Ile d’Oléron for a unique experience!

Environmentally-friendly activities celebrating this iconic French spirit

One of the main advantages of the Charentes region is that its vast open spaces make it easy to discover its Houses, vineyards, and landscapes, while preserving the environment. In fact, Explore Cognac makes it a point of honor to offer activities that allow you to take the time to discover the unique flavors of Cognac while respecting the local ecosystem.

For this reason, you’ll be able to take part in a wide range of activities using electric vehicles. For example, you can rediscover your childlike spirit with Maison Martell, which invites you to explore its vineyards on an electric scooter.

La Rochelle Ocean Van offers you a unique opportunity to discover the region through charming van tours. While exploring unique landscapes between land and sea, you’ll also get the chance to enjoy exquisite wine-tourism activities.

Explore Cognac brings together unique experiences to enable tourists to discover the Charentes region in a variety of ways. To find out more, visit their website. And if you’re passionate about French oenology, then Smoothred’s itinerary is just the thing for you. This exclusive five-day adventure introduces you to the Cognac vineyards, and highlights some of this region’s spectacular heritage.

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