A Perfect Week in Nice with French Side Travel


[Sponsored article] Are you dreaming of a sun-drenched escape to the French Riviera?  Imagine exploring Nice, the heart of the Côte d’Azur, at your own pace, with a private driver at your disposal. Immerse yourself in the city’s rich history, delectable cuisine, and endless sunshine with French Side Travel, your expert guide to an unforgettable vacation.

Day 1 – Welcome to Nice! 

After a seamless arrival with our VIP Meet & Greet service and a smooth transfer to your hotel, unwind and indulge in the French Riviera’s sunshine. Take a leisurely stroll along the iconic Promenade des Anglais, soaking in the stunning Mediterranean views, and stretching your legs after your journey. French Side Travel recommends Le Negresco, a landmark hotel boasting a vibrant pink dome and prime beachfront access. Take advantage of their newly opened spa for some much-needed relaxation.

Day 2 – Gastronomic Adventures Await

Courtesy of Destination Côte d’Azur

Nice’s culinary scene is a delicious blend of Italian and French influences. Embark on a mouthwatering food tour with a local guide, where you will sample the city’s vibrant street food and gain an appreciation for the region’s rich gastronomic tapestry. Journey to the heights of Nice, nestled amidst the Bellet vineyards, for a unique wine-tasting experience. Savor exquisite local wines while taking in breathtaking panoramas.

Looking for a full-foodie itinerary? Check out: Culture & Gastronomy in Provence.

Day 3 – Cannes & Antibes: Where Stars Shine

Credits : Carlton - Richard Haughton
Credits : Carlton – Richard Haughton

Today’s journey begins with the iconic Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes, where prestigious hotels line the star-studded resort town. Ascend to Le Suquet, a historic neighborhood offering breathtaking views of Cannes and beyond. Your driver will then take you to Antibes, home to the largest yacht harbor in the Mediterranean – Billionaires’ Quai. On your way, admire the beaches of Juan-les-Pins, where F. Scott Fitzgerald once reveled in the summer sun.

Day 4 – Arts & Culture in Nice

Start your day atop Mont Boron for breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Afterward, enjoy a fascinating tour through the picturesque old town. The afternoon presents an opportunity to visit Nice’s esteemed art museums. Choose between the Musée Chagall, the Musée Matisse, or the Musée Masséna, depending on your artistic preferences.

Day 5 – Monaco & Menton

Today your driver will bring you to two captivating destinations: Monaco and Menton. Begin your day in Monaco, a sophisticated city-state where luxury meets coastal beauty. Witness the changing of the guard at the Prince’s Palace, or visit the famed Casino de Monte-Carlo. Embrace the city’s vibrant atmosphere, and explore its museums and iconic landmarks. After lunch, continue along the stunning coastline to Menton, a town bursting with colorful buildings. Breathe in the refreshing scent of lemon trees and explore the town’s enchanting gardens.

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Day 6 – A Luxurious Day at Sea

Credits : Camille Moirenc

Set sail on a private yacht and create memories that will last a lifetime. Choose your ideal destination, from the vibrant shores of Monaco to the enchanting Îles de Lérins, or even the glamorous Saint-Tropez. Explore the French Riviera from a fresh perspective, cruising along breathtaking coastlines and discovering hidden coves.

Day 7 – Farewell, or Bon Voyage to Your Next Adventure!

If it’s time to depart, French Side Travel will ensure a smooth journey back to the airport. However, if a week in Nice isn’t enough, this beautiful city serves as the perfect base for further exploration. Within a three hours trip, you can immerse yourself in the rustic charm of Provence.

This itinerary offers a glimpse into the magic that awaits in Nice. But why stop there? Speak with an experts today and let French Side Travel transform your dream vacation into a reality. Together, you will design a personalized itinerary that captures the essence of Nice and the French Riviera, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime.

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