The Best Baguette In New York Is…

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Our expatriate compatriots suffer under the onus of one great, unanswered question: where do you find the best baguette in New York City? They are reaching out to fellow expats, and as their centuries-old allies, we are reaching out to our own far-flung audience, many of whom have deeply, ahem… ingrained opinions about the metropolitan options for baguette. Welcome, then, to French Morning’s inaugural Bataille des Baguettes!

The competition is wider than ever before: small bakeries dot the cityscape these days, from French names looking with an eye towards American domination to local shops that have stood the test of time. In order to find the city’s best baguette sans doute, we need your help. Here’s the plan:

  1. You, our dear French Morning readers, should nominate your favorite places to buy baguettes in New York (up to three per entry) through the form below.
  2. From this we will whittle down the competition to the ten best baguettes and subject them to a panel of experts and amateurs, who will crown the winner.

Readers, nominate your champions:


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