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Bonne et Filou, the Company that Makes Macarons for Dogs

One French man thought macarons are so good, dogs should get them too.

French Morning Welcomes 125 New Investors

After a several month equity crowdfunding campaign, French Morning received $100,000 from new shareholders.

This French Expat Started a Coffee Delivery Business in New York

Vincent Meyer's company Goffee delivers hot coffee drinks from a variety of brands to offices in New York.

Invest in French Morning

French Morning, Frenchly's parent company, is looking for investors to expand into Asia and in the video department.

5 Inspiring Projects Led by Women at the Paris Peace Forum...

The first ever Paris Peace Forum was held in 2018. Here are five inspiring projects lead by women.

Storefront Cinches First Place at Startup Tour 2018

For the second annual Startup Tour, organized by French Founders,

Art Collectives Are Taking Over in Paris’ Suburbs

Paris's art scene moves from the Marais to the banlieues.

Nine Startups Will Compete in Startup Tour 2018 in New York

Back in its second year, the Franco-American startup competition aims to help the startup with the most potential launch in the US.

French Pizza Could Now Be Made By… a Robot?

24-hour pizza vending machines: the future of French technology?

Why France Will Crush Silicon Valley in the Next Fifteen Years

A rare combination of economic reform, political upswing, tech talent, and creativity is turning France into the world’s next big tech hub.
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