7 of the Coolest Sustainable Startups coming out of France right now

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Startup mania has taken over France, thanks to startup hubs like Station F and The Camp. These are just a few of the scrappy new companies contributing to a green economy.


With several large automobile companies recently announcing a coming transition to electric vehicles, it’s no surprise that behind the scenes, there are startups building the technology to make that feasible. Bovlabs, based out of The Camp in the South of France, is building “microgrids” using blockchain technology that will allow electric cars to both consume and generate their own fuel. When drivers park their cars at a charging station, they will receive tokens that can be used for a variety of services, in exchange for the energy their cars provide, which is cycled back into the public power grid.

Vestiaire Collective

Fast fashion may be the devil, but she still likes to wear Prada. Vestiaire Collective is the new go-to marketplace for second-hand designer and luxury clothing and accessories. All items are shipped to experts who review the pieces for quality and authenticity before sending them to the seller. In addition to clothing from brands like Dior, Balmain, and Louis Vuitton, you can also buy a range of items from Versace ottomans to Chanel tennis racquets. Look as fabulous as ever without contributing to waste in the fashion industry.


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Too Good To Go

A third of the food produced in the world is thrown away every day, yet almost 700 million people around the world go hungry. Too Good To Go is trying to bridge that gap, by partnering with grocery stores and restaurants to prevent food waste by offering surplus food direct to consumers. You can sign up for a surprise “basket” of food at local restaurants and cafes for a fraction of their normal price. Available in France, the U.S., and around the world.


Have you ever wished you could wave your wand (or phone) at a product and find out how good or bad it is for you? Then you should download Yuka. Their database, which has recently been expanded to include American products, rates food and cosmetics on their health benefits. But their next move is expanding into the green side of things by offering a feature that gives products an ecological rating as well, so you can know how good your food is for both you and the environment.


As the #ZeroWaste movement grows, so do the number of companies looking to rethink the way we use plastic. 900.care is ready to take over your bathroom with adorable reusable shower gel, toothpaste, and deodorant products. You can set up automatic deliveries for refills of toothpaste bites, shower gel, and more, made from natural ingredients and free from parabens and sulfates.


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Imagine if putting together a new house or building was as simple as playing with Legos… but as sophisticated as modern green technology would allow? Agilcare is devoted to constructing zero-waste “green buildings” whose components can be dismantled and reused to build other things when a school or dwelling has outlived its purpose. This means no more loud, messy, destructive construction sites with tons of unsalvageable materials ending up in landfills somewhere. Biobased materials (i.e. wood collected in sustainably managed forests) are used to create reusable building templates that can go up or come down without having a negative effect on the environment.


Clem is another company devoted to making electric automobiles part of our everyday lives. But they’re doubling down on energy efficiency by focusing on electric carsharing—basically, they’re like Zipcar, but better for the environment. They’ve got locations all over the world, from Paris to Hangzhou to Philadelphia, and have partnered with local municipalities, big businesses, and low-income housing developments to help provide affordable and ethical transportation options to all. Download their Clem mobi app to find out if there are stations available near you, and use the app to track not only your rides, but your carbon footprint.

Featured Image: Stock Photos from Shutterstock / Julien Jean Zayatz

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