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Watch This Mesmerizing Video of Lavender Being Harvested

Once of Provence's most famous exports is also one of its most famous tourist attractions.

5 Iconic Waterfront Hotels in France to Put On Your Travel...

Put it on your bucket list and start saving, these are your South of France dream hotels.

How To Spend 24 Hours In Nice

You've never traveled Nice like this before.

This Gorgeous Footage Of Marseille Will Give You Crazy Wanderlust

Take a trip to France's second city... minus the airfare and hotel costs.

Deadly Floods Ravage Towns in Southern France

French PM Édouard Philippe visits the flooded towns in the Aude region of France.

Calanques, the Jewels of the South of France

Forget Nice; there's more than one way to do a beach vacation in France.

How Southern France Influenced This Summer’s Fashion

French girl style reached a new pinnacle of cool this summer when it became South-of-France inspired.

France’s Most Iconic Beaches that You Should Be Lounging On

France has a history of starlets taking over beaches during the summer, and you can do the very same.

9 Classic Dishes from Provence to Try this Summer

From St. Tropez to Marseille, these are the dishes that will definitely make your Instagram followers jealous.

What’s the Deal with Marseille’s Soap?

What makes savon de Marseille such a hot commodity? The answer is simpler than you think.
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