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Where to Get the Best Cannelés in Montreal

Set off on a pastry hung in Montreal for the best cannelés (or is it canelés?) in the city.

7 Instagrammable Bakeries in Montreal

You'll want to check out these Montreal bakeries on your next trip.

11 Essential Free Apps for Visiting Montreal

From parking to expositions and bike rentals, these free apps will have you covered in Montreal.

The Beautiful Montreal Bike Paths You Absolutely Have to Ride On

Where to go biking in and around Montreal, Quebec, in Canada.

How You Know You’re Dating A French Canadian Guy

Beer, cars, and a Quebeçois accent — what's not to like about French Canadian guys?

Why Are There No Michelin-Starred Restaurants In Canada?

Montreal, a foodie mecca, has no restaurants with Michelin stars. Why?

9 Places to Find Books in English in Montreal

When you run out of books in Montreal, here's where to go in Montreal for more English language options.

5 Unique Theme Bars to Check Out in Montreal

Skip the boring old brasserie and try one of these unique bars.

University of Montreal is Launching its First Summer Program for High...

For the first time ever, the University of Montreal is offering a summer program to high school students.

13 Places to Get Late Night Food in Montreal

When it's late at night and everything seems to close, there are still a few places left in Montreal where you can get some grub.
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