University of Montreal is Launching its First Summer Program for High Schoolers

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College doesn’t have to be the first time students study abroad.

University of Montreal is launching a new summer program in 2019 that’s specially designed for international students ages 15 to 17. From July 13 to 27, language courses, specialized workshops, sports and cultural activities will let students take full advantage of their two weeks in Montreal, a cultured, cosmopolitan, creative, and cutting-edge metropolis in French-speaking Canada.

Over the course of the summer program, students will be able to delve deeper into subjects that already interest them, all while discovering new fields of study. There are workshops on artificial intelligence, astrophysics, law, architecture, leadership, international studies, and more. It’s the first taste of a true college experience.

In addition to offering new learning experiences every day, the program also provides a unique, international immersion experience on the North American-style campus. Beating out Paris, London, and Seoul, Montreal is at the top of the list for best college towns in the world. Attending a summer program in Montreal is a chance to get a taste of student life in the city.

On the campus of this renowned university with a global outlook, students will benefit from the pedagogical savoir-faire and fluency of their Canadian hosts to learn how to parler français comme eux. After a few weeks seeped in French language, they’ll leave Quebec speaking French more comfortably and fluently than before. And for those who are more comfortable with the language of Molière than of Shakespeare, there are English (and even Mandarin) classes available to take.

When it comes to culture, Montreal can’t be beat. Whether you prefer activities with a heavy dose of adrenaline or more peaceful pastimes, Université de Montréal has you covered. The summer program allows students to discover the city after class and on weekends, as well as enjoy the great outdoors only a few miles from the hustle and bustle of the city — it’s impossible to resist Canada’s natural beauty. With a perfect mix of outdoor getaways and cultural activities, it’ll be amour at first sight.

Students will be able to stay active thanks to a variety of sports activities offered during the summer program: rock climbing, trampoline, football, street hockey, and even Quidditch (seriously!).

In terms of supervision, students will be accompanied from the moment they land at the airport. Throughout their two weeks in Montréal, students live in university residence halls. Breakfast is eaten at the residences and most lunches will be in university cafeterias. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for everyone to taste Montreal’s famous poutine.

Ready to sign up? Registration is right here! (Reduced price for enrollment before March 1, 2019). For more information, send inquiries to or check out the website.

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