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At the Lycée Français de New York, the “hybrid” school year...

The LFNY knows the importance of combining face-to-face learning with a digital infrastructure.

Two French-English Bilingual Pre-K Classes Are Created on the Upper East...

Many parents have tried to get a bilingual public school program to District 2, but all have failed until now.

Advocates for Bilingual Education Recognized at the New York Bilingual Fair

At the annual Bilingual Fair of New York, six activists were acknowledged for their contributions to bilingual education in New York.

At the New York Bilingual Fair, Officials Say the City Should...

French Morning's annual Bilingual Fair assembled hundreds of parents to get their questions answered, and some city officials pointing fingers at the Department of Education.

Conferences, Roundtables and Awards at the New York Bilingual Education Fair...

New York's annual Bilingual Education Fair offers parents the chance to get all their questions answered in one afternoon.

Why The French Think Two Weeks is 15 Days

Fifteen days = two weeks? Sound like French math for you.

The Hidden Powers of the Bilingual Brain

By speeding up the "executive functions" of the brain, bilinguals are able to differentiate color and text more easily than monolinguals.

Lunii: The Bilingual Storyteller for Kids

Bilingual learning doesn't just have to happen at school with a teacher. There's a lot of learning kids can do on their own when given the chance.

The Surprising Benefits of the Bilingual Brain

Thanks to recent research, we're learning more and more about the benefits of the bilingual brain. Here more about it at the 5th annual Bilingual Education Fair.

To Double the Number of Students in International French Schools, Macron...

Schools in the AEFE network are helping French become the most commonly spoken language in the world, with a few minor setbacks.
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