Why The French Think Two Weeks is 15 Days

If you think calculus is hard, just wait until you try doing French math. Yes, once you’ve gotten beyond the absurdities of the actual number system (80=four twenties), you also have to deal with the bizarre counting methods that come into play when dealing with French holidays.

This is just one of the many aspects of French life that comedian Paul Taylor delves into in his stand-up show, #FRANGLAIS. The British comedian and permanent French resident (he also lived in Montreal for a time) has devoted his career to explaining the things that make France so unique. Popular targets include everything from French slang to terasse culture, and he has worked extensively with CANAL+ on his shows What The F*** France, What’s Up France, and Stereotrip, Most of which you can catch on YouTube.


Taylor’s great asset is his ability to communicate fluently in a mixture of French and English that plays both sides, and keeps everyone in the loop. So whether you’re Francophone, Anglophone, bilingual, or pretending to be, don’t miss out on the last three shows of his #FRANGLAIS tour at the Casino de Paris.