[Video] Moving to France: Long-Stay Visas & Medical Insurance

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On June 29, 2023, we hosted a one-hour free webinar about the essential aspects of applying for a long-stay visa in France, along with health insurance requirements. Watch the replay below or on YouTube.

Topics will range from the application process and required documents, to different visa types, options for work and business, and joining a French or EU spouse.

It will also cover all you need to know about health insurance coverage, pre-existing conditions, and transitioning to the French healthcare system.

Our speaker is Fabien Pelissier, founder and managing director of Fab Insurance, an expert at guiding the English-speaking community through French visas and insurance intricacies.

Book a visa consultation with Fabien at a special price exclusive to webinar viewers: https://calendly.com/fabinsurance/consultation-with-fabien-webinar

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