New Bansky Graffiti near French Embassy Evokes Les Misérables

Photo via Christian Sinibaldi.

Just days after his Steve Jobs mural was defaced, British artist Banksy has painted his disapproval near the French Embassy in London.

The new art takes the classic Les Mis artwork and has Cosette fending off tear gas, a reference to French police using tear gas on refugees in the Calais camp earlier this month. A police spokesman had denied the use of tear gas in the Jungle, telling the Guardian that it is “never used in the camp itself,” but a QR code on the new graffiti links directly to a seven-minute YouTube clip of refugees being cleared out with gas, rubber bullets, and even concussion grenades on January 5th.


The new mural was painted across from the French Embassy in London. Banksy previously painted murals around the Jungle and Calais itself last month.