Where to Get Your Galette des Rois in NYC 2015

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The winter holidays have just barely wrapped up but if you’re already missing the merriment of gathering with friends and family to eat delicious food, here’s another excuse to do just that. The Feast of the Epiphany is tomorrow, and it’s a celebration that largely centers on sharing a galette des rois or “king cake.” If you haven’t yet picked up your frangipane treat it’s not too late. Here are some places to get your galette. Who among your friends will win the crown this year?


Financier has a galette starting at $22 for 8 people. You can pick one up in one of ten stores throughout Manhattan, order one by telephone at 718-290-1011 or email [email protected].

Maison Kayser offers both individuel slices of galette at $6.95 and whole cakes for six people at $28. They have several locations: 2161 Broadway on the Upper West Side, 1535 3rd Avenue and 1294 3rd Avenue on the Upper East Side, 8 West 40th st, 921 Broadway and 1800 Broadway.

Galette des Rois is the tart du jour at Balthazar Bakery right now with slices going for $6.50. 80 Spring Street. 212-965-1785.

Mille-feuille has a galette des rois with traditional frangipane and almond cream, “in the purest French tradition.” A cake that serves six is $24, a 10-serving cake is $39. If you feel like splurging you can get the version that features a “sliver prize,” at $34 for a 6-serving cake and $59 for a cake that serves 10. 552 Laguardia Pl (Greenwich Village). 212-533-4698. And 2175 Broadway at W77th (Upper West Side). 212- 362-6261. 

Epicerie Boulud, has a classic galette at $6 per slice or $34 per cake (for 6-8 people). 900 Broadway. 212-595-0303.

Ladurée also has galettes available (and why not grab a macaron or two while you’re there?). 864 Madison Avenue et 396 West Broadway (SoHo). 646-558-3171.

Thanks to a partnership with cookware giant Le Creuset, Payard is kicking the prize-finding up a notch this year. Instead of a simple favor, the bakery has hidden magnets in each cake. If you find the yellow one, you’re not just a king or queen, you’re also the proud new owner of a casserole dish! $24 for 4 people, $36 for 6 people, and $48 for 8. 1293 3rd Ave (Upper East Side); FP Patisserie at The Plaza Hotel, 1 West 58th Street. (Midtown); 3 Columbus Circle, 58th and Broadway (Midtown), 116 West Houston Street between Thompson St. & Sullivan St. (Greenwich Village) or 210 Murray Street (Battery Park)

At Dominique Ansel, almonds and frangipane are all you need and at $22 for 6 people, this cake should hit the spot. Pre-ordering is recommended. 189 Spring St. 212-219-2773

Bergamote is offering a Southern (France)- style galette with brioche and candide fruits at $27 per 8-serving cake. It’s also offering the more traditional version at $37 for a six-serving and $45 for an 8-serving cake. Crown and favor included, of course! 177 Ninth Avenue (Chelsea). 212-627-9010. 515 West 52nd St. 212-586-2429. 

Eclair Bakery’s frangipane galette is $32, and make sure you have a crowd on hand to share it: it feeds 12-14!  305 East 53rd St. 212-759-2253.

La Toulousaine is offering cakes that should run at about $29 for an 8-serving cake, but call or pop in to know the exact price. 942 Amsterdam Avenue. 212-866-2253.


At Pistache it’s all about choice: 3 sizes to choose from (4, 6 or 8 servings), and two flavors : classic almond frangipane, or — you guessed it — pistachio frangipane. Don’t worry if you’re having trouble deciding: they’re available all month long, so there’s plenty of time to try both!  For an almond galette for 4 it’s $26, $32$ to serve 6, and $38 to serve 8. Pistachio is slightly dearer at $28 for 4 servings, $34 for 6 and $40 for 8. Don’t feel like going out? If you live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens, they’ll deliver you galette to your door. 220 36th street, 646 207 9390

Whether you’ve a small petite or a huge hunger to satisfy, La Provence en boîte has you covered with several sizes of its classic frangipane galette available. 263 Smith Street, (718)-797-0707

At Almondine Bakery, one cake, one size, plenty of happy customers: $28 gets you a galette for 6-8 people. 85 Water street (Dumbo), (718)-797-5026

Caprices by Sophie at 138 N 6th St. 347-689-4532 also has classic frangipane galettes available.

Marquet Pâtisserie has a frangipane galette for $35 that can feed 8-10 people. 221 Court Street. 718-855-1289


French Tart (Chez Laurent)‘s frangipane galette at $24.95 serves 6 to 8 people. 1141 North Railroad, (718)-442-0007


That’s right folks: galette des rois is stepping boldly into the future thanks to the  NY Cuisin website. All month long you can order a frangipane galette with a porcelaine prize inside and a pretty paper crown, and have it delivered to your door, allowing 48 hours for delivery. What’s more progressive than online ordering? Gluten-free, of course! So get online and order, then get your phone and invite all your gluten-free friends over because NY Cuisin has a galette just for them. Call 646.468.6159 for more information.

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