French Ou Faux with Damon and Jo

Can you tell if these famous faces are French or not?

Apparently, Damon and Jo can’t. In this episode of their weekly “French Friday” video, the vloggers play a game to see if they can tell if a celebrity is French (or not) just by looking at one photo of them. By scrutinizing noses, hats, and scarves, the dynamic bilingual duo effectively disproves the theory that there is a particular way that French people are supposed to look. Aside from the obvious ones (Brigitte Bardot, Coco Chanel, etc.), the two struggle to figure out the real français, and take a penalty wine sip (*gulp*) for every mistake.


Goofy, yes. Hilarious, absolutely. It sounds to me like your new favorite vin-based game to play with your friends from study abroad. You’ll probably learn some new vocabulary along the way!

See if you can fare any better than these two, but beware. If you screw up — il faut que tu boive!