French Fried: Genay McDonald’s Allegedly Sold Weed

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A McDonald’s in Genay, outside of Lyon, has allegedly been selling marijuana via drive-thru.

In what could be considered the second-best idea since all-day breakfast, employees ran an operation where their greener customers could text them, pop over, pay at the window, and head home a few euros poorer and a few ounces happier.

Restaurant management discovered the activity in October 2014 and fired eight employees in March of this year. Other, more responsible employees reported their coworkers for using the salad bar to prepare their illicit toppings and just generally not adhering to the local health code.

After an internal McDonald’s investigation—which we imagine was headed up by Officer Big Mac under the auspices of Mayor McCheese—reportedly did not uncover any actual drug-dealing in the restaurant. The employees were apparently fired (officially, anyway) for kicking around the restaurant when it was supposed to be closed, allegedly playing poker, smoking weed, and having parties at hours when even Wendy’s and Taco Bell are ramping down operations for the day.

The editorial team at French Morning has unanimously decided not to end this post with a joke about hash browns being served all day.

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