How the addition of an international track at LFSF just makes sense


[Sponsored article] At LFSF (Lycée Français de San Francisco), we are thrilled to announce that our exceptional world-class education is now available to all students!
Leveraging our 55+ years of experience in providing a unique multilingual and multicultural education, LFSF is introducing the International Baccalaureate (IB)® based International Track starting Fall 2024. This groundbreaking bilingual program offers an English-focused pathway, from Elementary school through High School, with no French language prerequisite required. Students and families now have the choice between two incredible educational tracks!

Capitalizing on our experience and shared values

The International Track is a natural fit for the LFSF, in that it does not mean reinventing the wheel but rather enhancing the experience and know-how acquired over the course of 50 successful years in providing SF Bay Area families with top rated bilingual education. The decision to choose the International Baccalaureate framework to support this program came just as naturally, both organizations being mission aligned. The result is a win win scenario for the greater number of students who can now join the school and jump start their educational journey.

The LFSF education is recognized and valued by universities worldwide, which is another common point with the IB, whose students have a higher acceptance rate than non-IB students at the 25 best U.S. universities.

Both tracks inspire students to reach for the stars and achieve their full potential. In the International Track also, the objective is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people through an education that builds intercultural understanding and respect. The approach to learning however follows the IB model that naturally finds its place within the school. 

Indeed, our school shares the same values, and LFSF students grow up cultivating curiosity and critical thinking, as well as empathy and respect for others.

This is an opinion shared by Alejandra Navarro, DEIB director at LFSF and responsible for the implementation of the International Track at the Middle and High school level. Navarro adds that, “The IB framework aligns with our schools mission and vision for educational excellence, which gives our students and faculty an opportunity towards a transformative educational journey that strengthens our community and equips students for a future without boundaries.”

Bilingualism: at the core of our DNA

In the International Track, students are taught in English, with 20% of their curriculum devoted to learning French.
In fact, the International Track offers the same top-tier education as the French Track without requiring French language skills.

Both tracks have the same characteristic of providing an international, bilingual education, which is at the core of the school’s DNA. Amina Maine, Head of English Department and IB Coordinator for the Primary level (with entry points in K and Gr1 for Fall 2024) explains: “The LFSF’s teachers have years of experience working in a bilingual setting and are passionate about bridging curricula and building on students’ language skills.”

Bilingualism has many widely recognized cognitive benefits and is a window into different world views and perspectives. “Through this program’s language acquisition track, students will have the opportunity to learn about different cultures,” adds MaineStudents will be immersed and supported by the school’s inclusive international community that counts some 50 nationalities and 30+ spoken languages. The school’s mission “is to connect the students to global issues and raise compassionate students, which aligns with the IB program’s focus on global citizenship. The International Track encourages students to reflect on their identity and develop a global perspective.”

Our Global Learning program of educational travels, from Gr1 to Gr12, heightens the international mindedness of the LFSF education, allowing students to go beyond the walls of the classroom or the campus, to cultivate global perspectives… and make amazing memories and connections!

A common goal : student agency and wellness

Regardless of the track, at LFSF, we care about students’ wellbeing. “The LFSF’s commitment to student agency and wellness is well-matched with the IB program’s focus on self-reflection and constant inquiry. The IB program allows students to take ownership of their learning and explore their interests in depth,” states Maine. Middle and High school students have the opportunity to meet and talk to our wonderful wellness coordinator whenever they need to. Anne Bargiacchi and the student support team help them manage various aspects of life as teenagers and students.

Embark on your international journey at LFSF today

At LFSF, your international journey can start early. In Preschool, at age 2 in La Petite Ecole, very young children are gently introduced to school through play, and develop skills in two languages.

Next Fall, the International Track will be welcoming students

  • In Primary school : in K and Gr1, on our Sausalito campus
  • In Middle School: in Gr6 and Gr7, on our Ortega campus
  • In High School: in Gr9, on our Ortega campus

Get in touch so we can tell you more about this wonderful opportunity!

Come say hello!

You can start exploring our campuses and learn about our school and our programs on our website, but nothing replaces the magic feeling you get when coming to campus. Join us for an open house event for preschool or for the International Track. See you soon!


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