Discover France Differently: Book an Unforgettable Bike Tour

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[Sponsored article] Discover France strives to provide you with the most enjoyable and memorable adventure travel experience you can have while discovering France.

The goal of this French company is to have you return home refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired to return!

France Your Way! Self-Guided Cycling and Active Vacations

For an unforgettable travel experience, more and more people are opting for an active vacation. With that in mind, Discover France has perfected the art of European cycling vacations and French bike tours over the past 29 years.

Discover France creates itineraries with the spirit of independent travel in mind, offering cycling, hiking, and active vacation tours in France and Europe. They customize your vacation according to your schedule, fitness level, and interests. Their European vacations are the ultimate adventure for couples, families, and friends.

Choose Your Companions, Choose Your Route

Looking for travel ideas for your family, as a couple, or vacationing with friends? From romantic getaways to family trips, Discover France has something for everyone.

Enjoy a romantic visit to the Loire Valley castles with your beloved, discover the secrets of the Mont Saint-Michel with your kids, or have fun with your friends while cycling along the Canal du Midi.

An assortment of bikes are available: e-bikes, road bikes, touring hybrids, and mountain bikes. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just looking for a fun family vacation, there’s a tour for you!

Go Overseas

If you wish to discover more than just France, try some close getaways like Croatia, Corsica, or Portugal. Discover France offers a complete catalogue of vacation destinations and bike tours, and has designed itineraries that share the outstanding historical landmarks, beautiful scenery, and fascinating cultures of Europe.

About Discover France

Discover France is a specialist in self-guided and guided biking tours in France and Europe. They offer a wide selection of vacation experiences, such as walking or multi-activity tours in different European destinations. Discover France also organizes theme-based tours, like culinary vacations, wine tours, and cultural tours. Their vacations are the perfect occasion to really explore a destination and live a new experience.

Discover France even designs special training camps with coaching and advice from their professional guides. Adventure seekers, let them design your experience! If you are looking for a new or off the beaten path experience – join Discover France!

Discover France’s Guides

Discover France guarantees you highly professional and skilled guides.

Learn more and book your trip on Discover France’s website.

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