Spring Vacation: Discover Guadeloupe, The Ultimate French Caribbean Experience

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[Sponsored article] The dazzling French Caribbean Archipelago of Guadeloupe offers unparalleled experiences for both adventurous and epicurean travelers.

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A French Overseas Department

Framed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the French department of Guadeloupe is located in the heart of the Lesser Antilles, between Antigua and Dominica, and is comprised of five islands (Basse Terre, Grande Terre, Marie Galante, La Désirade and Les Saintes).

Guadeloupe is a multi-faceted destination with countless sources of memorable experiences for everyone. Explore lush rain forests, a dramatic volcano, spectacular cascading waterfalls, crystal clear turquoise waters adorned with gold, white, pink, and black powdery sand, and charming villages where you can immerse yourself in French-Caribbean culture and exquisite cuisine.

Art de Vivre and Simplicity

Gastronomy is a major part of the lifestyle of the Guadeloupe Islands. With over two hundred restaurants, visitors will delight in a French Créole culinary adventure, that will leave them with delicious memories for a lifetime. Savor traditional Guadeloupean and Nouvelle Cuisine Créole (New Creole Cuisine). Must-try delicacies include the acclaimed Bokit, a deep-fried creole-spiced sandwich, Sorbet Coco, coconut ice cream, and Tourment d’amour, a coconut, banana, or guava-filled tart.

Oui, Oui, J’adore! 

Yes! Guadeloupeans speak French! This means you’ll get to brush up on your Français. This is definitely part of the experience as travelers will immerse themselves in French language as they mingle with the locals.

A Heavenly Protected Playground in the Great Outdoors

The Guadeloupe archipelago has been a proud UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1992 with 77% of its territories classified as a Natural Reserves. The Guadeloupe National Park offers over 110 miles of marked hiking trails and is also home to the Jacques Cousteau Underwater Reserve.

Environmental preservation is paramount for the islands of Guadeloupe. For over 40 years, numerous initiatives have been implemented to protect a variety of sea turtles and marine life including national days dedicated to cleaning the seabed, the coastline, and rivers. On January 1st, 2020, the Guadeloupe Regional Authorities banned the use of disposable plastic products such as cups, plates, utensils, cotton swabs, and more.

The Next Cultural Capital of the Caribbean

From beautiful colonial architecture to vibrant jazz and Ka scenes, Guadeloupe is a refined mix of the modern and the traditional – a culture buff’s paradise. Celebrating its fourth edition, the Saint-Georges International Music Festival, a classical music festival and major event like no other, will be held in Guadeloupe on April 10-15, 2023.

Guadeloupe is also home to the MACTe, the World ‘s largest Museum dedicated to the History of Slavery and the Slave Trade from the 17th century to the present day. In 2014 GWOKA, Guadeloupe‘s unique traditional music and dance, were named a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Guadeloupe is also the birthplace of zouk music and the famous and internationally known band KASSAV’ .

Guadeloupe is also the birthplace of many artists who have been driven by excellence and dedicated their lives to activism. From musician Joseph Bologne, aka Chevalier de Saint-Georges, to New Academy Prize in Literature winner, Maryse Condé, to Guillaume Guillon-Léthière, a well-known Guadelupean Neo-Classical painter and rival of Jacques-Louis David.

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To learn more about this French overseas department and plan your trip, please visit Guadeloupe’s website.


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