Chantemerle International School: fun language-learning in Switzerland

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(Sponsored article) For a child, learning a second language is a rewarding intellectual activity that helps to better understand other cultures and appreciate our world as a whole.

Founded in 1966 by the Wegmüller family, Chantemerle is an international chalet-style boarding school for boys and girls ages 6 to 16.

During the summer, students from around the world come to our camps to spend unforgettable moments, make new friends and have fun. Throughout the year and during the ski season, Chantemerle also offers French Immersion & Study Abroad programs for individuals or groups wishing to study and learn French.

From June 28th to August 9th 2015, intensive French, English and German courses are offered to students.

The purpose of these courses is to enable students to communicate effectively and correctly in the target language.Our approach is twofold: to learn the language and use it in a natural situation, in such a way that they soon forget about the language and only focus on the learning topic.For instance, our “language showers” put students in situations through practical artistic activities such as theater, improvisation, play various roles and performance.

Similarly, our science camps in English (from July 20th to August 9th 2015) allow our students to expand their vocabulary and gain fluency through hands-on and fun scientific activities.

Finally, from July 27th to August 9th 2015, students wishing to effectively prepare their school year can register for our review courses. After class, participants can choose between sports and games, field trips and mountain walks, art & crafts. During a typical day in Chantemerle, after morning classes followed by healthy and balanced lunch, the children go to visit the chocolate factory or the castle of Gruyere.

In the evening, the sportiest of them will play football, others can improve their artistic talents and skills (circus, singing, dancing classes) for the upcoming show. A few days later, students will drive across Switzerland by bus to spend together unforgettable days 2 to Europa-Park in Germany. Other favorite activities include evening picnics with camp fire, chocolate, marmelade and cookie baking workshops as well as our disco nights.

For more information about Chantemerle International school in Switzerland
To apply on line for the 2015 summer camp
Key contact in Switzerland : 
Yann Wegmüller
Ecole Chantemerle
CH-1807 Blonay

+41 (0) 79 393 8767

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