Arc En Ciel: Bilingual Pre-School in New York City

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Arc En Ciel pre-school on the Upper East Side is the “talk” of the international community! Located on Third Avenue between 92nd and 93rd Streets, this bilingual French/English pre-school offers small group classes for three age groups, ranging from 2 to 5 years old: Pre-K 2 (starting at 2 years old), Pre-K 3 (ages 2.7 to 3.7), and Pre-K 4 (ages 3.7 to 5).

“Arc En Ciel is truly a nurturing, academic, community pre-school. We make sure that all our American and international students feel comfortable, safe, and independent,” explains Vanessa Handal-Ghenania, owner and principal ofArc En Ciel, which features a 60-40 split between French and English learning. “Our curriculum follows American and French learning objectives and pedagogy. However, every year, we modify the curriculum to fit our students’ specific academic and emotional needs. At the end of their stay at Arc En Ciel, our little leaders are ready to start kindergarten in a bilingual French school or an American school.”


At Arc En Ciel, learning happens beyond the classroom, with students regularly setting off on field trips and/or adventures and explorations at the park. Parents are always very involved  in the school’s outings and are continuously kept informed by the “school mom” who is in charge of the excursion. Even outside of field trips, parents and teachers are very close and communicate on a daily basis.Arc En Ciel parents receive daily emails detailing what has happened in the classroom and what their children have been learning.

The school also organizes breakfasts and shows for the parents to attend in order to develop a strong sense of community. Besides having open houses at the beginning of the school year, Arc En Ciel welcomes parents for private visits with their child, so everyone can get a true sense of what the school day looks like.


What parents say: “We are thrilled to have found a pre-K where our son is so well-cared for and loved. Vanessa and her team have created such an enriching environment for our son, who loves coming home and sharing with us about his day.”

“It was important for us as parents to find a school for our son which is fun, artistic. and focused on instilling more then just the basic ABCs and 123s. AEC carefully considers the curriculum to make sure it’s perfectly balanced, engaging, and, most importantly, exciting. Every night, AEC sends home with the children a daily report, which we truly enjoy—it allows us to be fully a part of our son’s learning development.

“Being a French/English dual language family, AEC has been our perfect solution in helping to forge the French/English base which we hope to give to our son.” (Famille Burrus)


Besides being an academic pre-school, Arc En Ciel offers various camps during all its breaks and especially in the summer time, in June and all of July. Everyone is encouraged to enroll!

Arc En Ciel Pre-School


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