Where to Find the Best Bûche de Noël in New York, 2023


Christmas isn’t Christmas without a feast and a true Christmas feast needs a log! Whether reinvented as something daring and innovative or more traditional, the bûche de Noël log will likely be on every French Christmas table, even in New York. Luckily, more and more patisseries are offering them as regular holiday fare. Here’s a tempting – but by no means exhaustive – list of establishments the French Morning editors have chosen for the best bûches in the New York Metropolitan area.

Let’s begin this gourmet inventory of luxurious and gourmet bûches…our mouths are already watering!


The bûche made by the 2-star French chef, Gabriel Kreuther, at Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate, offers flourless sponge, powerful dark chocolate mousse, caramel and a crunchy praline. This is a sweet masterpiece for chic tables. $80 for 6 to 8 people. The Alsatian-born chef has also recreated his region’s classic Stollen (a candied fruit cake covered in powdered sugar) and a brioche filled with dark chocolate ganache, to complete the festivities. Available to order online or directly in the store. Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate, 41 W 42nd St., (212) 201-1985

The bûche at Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate. © GabrielKreuther

Lysée, the patisserie of Korean chef Eunji Lee, will also be featuring a chestnut-vanilla and milk chocolate bûche shaped like a little tree. One size fits all at $135. Available to order online or direct from the boutique. Lysée, 44 E 21 St.

In the patisserie area of Jean-Georges’ eponymous Tin Building one can find two incredible logs: A chestnut, hazelnut, passion fruit and a Black Forest (chocolate and candied cherries). For sale on site and to order via Mercato. Tin Building, 96 South St., (646) 868-6000

For the first time this year we are including Alain Ducasse’s Restaurant Benoit’s pastry chef, Clément Loubeyre. He’s made a bûche with coconut sponge, praline, coconut mousse and a mango-passion heart. $60 for 6 to 8 people. Available from December 15 to 25. To be ordered by e-mail or telephone starting on December 15, or at least two days before the desired pickup date. Benoit New York, 60 West 55th St., (646) 943-7373, [email protected]

Pierre-Antoine Raberin, Midtown (aka l’Ami Pierre) will offer two logs: Chocolate raspberry or passion fruit. $65 for 6 to 8 people. Also available for your Christmas party of one, for $8. L’Ami Pierre, 149 West 51st St., (917) 639-3991. Available in their shop or online.

The bûches from Ami Pierre, Midtown. © lamipierre

In its three Manhattan locations, Epicerie Boulud has chosen three Yule logs to delight your taste buds: La Nutcracker (hazelnut, lemon, vanilla), La Choc Berry Gluten Free (chocolate, raspberry) and La Cappuccino (mascarpone, coffee). They are priced at $58 each. Pick-up at any of the three boutiques on December 23 and 24, between 10am and 4pm. Lincoln Center: 1900 Broadway at 64th St., (212) 595-9606; One Vanderbilt Avenue at 42 St., (347) 826-1363; Westfield World Trade Center, 185 Greenwich St., (212) 595-9605.

Bûches made from strings of macarons from Ladurée. © ladurée

The Parisian macaron bakery, Ladurée, is famous for blending tradition with modernity. Their “bûche” result this year is four “logs” made with a string of their signature macarons. These mini works of art are as pleasing to the eye as they are delicious: Ispahan, a classic flavor of sponge cake, raspberry jam, mascarpone and lychees; vanille pécan, has a crunchy pecan base, vanilla mascarpone cream and a praline heart; la mango yuzu has a coconut base, mango and passion fruit compote and a touch of yuzu; and la chocolat noisette caramel with hazelnut crunch is a soft hazelnut cookie, salted butter caramel and chocolate cream. 76$ for 6 people. Available in stores and online from December 13 to 31. Also sold in individual “logs” from December 6 to 31. Ladurée Madison, 864 Madison Ave., (646) 558-3157 or at Ladurée Soho, 398 West Broadway, (646) 392-7868.

Beloved French transplant to New York and pastry chef of the “cronut,” Dominique Ansel has also concocted three Christmas logs with traditional recipes: The decadent and gluten free Triple Chocolate (Valrhona Caraïbe 66%, chocolate mousse, milk chocolate crêmeux) is covered with chocolate mushrooms and vanilla Chantilly; La Châtaigne is a French classic with a creamy chestnut mousse, an almond sponge dipped in a splash of whiskey, and glazed chestnuts from Aubenas, topped with chestnut cream and glazed chestnuts; or La Biscuit Fraise, an elegant new creation, features an almond sponge, ganache, vanilla chantilly and Breton shortbread. 62$ for 6-8 people. They will be available in individual sizes at the Soho bakery until December 24. You can pre-order them from the Soho bakery at 189 Spring St., (212) 219-2773; or Flatiron, 17 East 27th St. Bakery needs 48 hours of advance notice. Pick-ups will be between December 22 and 24.

Three mini-bûches from Dominique Ansel. © dominiqueanselbakery

Merveilleux de Fred offers what he does best: the Merveilleux Bûche. This log follows the recipe of the emblematic Merveilleux, which is, as follows: A meringue base, topped with chocolate-flavored whipped cream, and coated with chocolate shavings. All gluten free. Available in 4-, 6- and 8-person formats, priced at $32.20, $46.80 and $62.40, respectively. Two flavors to choose from: A signature Merveilleux with dark chocolate and the “Incroyable” with speculoos and white chocolate. To order, call one of the boutiques directly: Merveilleux de Fred West Village, 37 8th Ave., (917) 475-1992 or Merveilleux de Fred Midtown, 1001 6th Ave., (646) 590-0263.


The chocolate bûche from Merveilleux de Fred. © Merveilleuxdefred

Now with two locations, one in Bryant Park and the second on the Upper East Side, the legendary Angelina café will once again delight New Yorkers with three Christmas bûches: The Mont Blanc, which is the house signature, is a base of meringue with Chantilly and chestnut cream; the show stopping cranberry-raspberry bûche has a hazelnut sponge, cranberry-raspberry cream and vanilla mousse; the Trocadéro combines a crunchy hazelnut sponge, chocolate cream, hazelnut cream and chocolate-almond glaze with milk chocolate Chantilly. 56$ for 4/6 people. Pre-orders available now and in the store from December 11. Angelina Paris, 1050 Sixth Ave., (585) 438-5347, Opt1; or 121 Lexington Ave., (646) 454-1418.

The stunning cranberry-raspberry bûche from Angelina. © angelinaparis

At the Eclair Bakery in Midtown, you can choose between two Christmas bûches: The “Wendy” (milk chocolate mousse with vanilla crème brûlée) and the “Crunchy” (dark chocolate mousse, hazelnut crunch and a chocolate sponge cake). It will cost you $50 for 6 to 8 people and $65 for 10 to 12 people. Delivery is available if you live between 23rd and 86th Street on the East Side. Eclair Bakery, 305 E 53rd St., (646) 429-8555.

With locations in Greenwich Village, on the Upper West Side and also Prospect Heights, in Brooklyn, Mille-Feuille continues the tradition this year with three bûches in very distinct flavors to delight every palate! One of the bestsellers in recent years is the “Infinite Chocolate Bûche,” which is a flourless chocolate sponge topped with three distinct layers of chocolate (63% creamy dark chocolate, 38% milk chocolate mousse and 35% white chocolate bavaroise mousse). The “Coco Berry Bûche” consists of a dacquoise with coconut cream, crispy praline and raspberry mousse. Finally, the “Mont Blanc,” is a gingerbread cake with chestnut cream, blueberry confit and whipped vanilla ganache. Available in 6- to 8-person varieties for $54.90. Also there’s an individual mini for $8.90. Available from December 9 in-store and for online orders. Mille-Feuille Bakery: Park Slope, 622 Vanderbilt Ave., (347) 350-8838; Greenwich Village, 552 La Guardia Place , (212) 533-4698; Upper West Side, 2175 Broadway, (212) 362-6261

The bûches at Mille-Feuille. © MilleFeuilles

On the Upper East Side, Miss Madeleine offers three types of 8-part logs: the “Rocher-Chocolat Noisette” at $69.90, the “Passion Fruit with Raspberry” at $59.90 and the “Cheesecake-Strawberry” at $59.90. Formats for 4 people are also available at $30 and $35. Available for order now. Miss Madeleine, 400 E 82nd St – (646) 896-1227.

On the Upper West Side and in the West Village, choux specialist Barachou has prepared two types of log: “The Chocolate Hazelnut Vanilla,” with a vanilla sponge, chocolate and vanilla layers, hazelnut center, and dipped into chocolate ganache or “The Raspberry Vanilla” with a raspberry mousse, passion fruit center, and a raspberry glaze. One size 6-8 portions, $62. Available by pick-up in their two boutiques or delivery from December 23 to 25. Barachou UWS: 449 Amsterdam Avenue (between 81st and 82nd St), (646) 398-7788; West Village: 15 8th Ave. , (646) 559-4210.

On the Lower East Side, Chef Simon Herfray of Salon Sucré offers three rather classic logs made with buttercream: The chocolate bûche for $45, the hazelnut log for the same price, and the caramel and chocolate ganache log for $52. All serve 6 to 8. They are available in the store from December 6 to 24, and can also be ordered online by sending a request to [email protected] or by calling. Salon Sucré, The Market Line, 115 Delancey St., (567) 703-6227.

In Chelsea and Midtown West, La Bergamote offers a choice of classic buttercream bûches in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate or Grand-Marnier. The 4-6 person size is $49 and the 8-10 person size is $74. Also, a chocolate mousse bûche is available in two sizes, for $51 and $79. A châtaigne (chestnut) version is priced at $59 and $89. The bakery-pâtisserie also offers 2 original creations: “Chloé” is a caramel bavaroise, almond sponge with pear purée, while the “Krista” is a praline sponge with a Grand Marnier pannacotta cream and a dark chocolate mousse. The 4-6 person special is priced at $55 and $85 for the 8-10 person size. All will be available on December 19. Orders can be placed by telephone or directly in the boutique. La Bergamote Chelsea: 177 Ninth Ave., (212) 627-9010. La Bergamote, Midtown West, 515 West 52nd St., (212) 586-2429.

The Choc-O-Pain chain will also be offering logs through its dozen or so boutiques in New York and New Jersey (see their website for more info). Flavors include: Coco Berry, L’infinite Chocolate, Mont Blanc. Available for 6 to 8 people at $55. Orders must be placed before December 17 at 7pm on their website or in-store.


In Park Slope, Colson Patisserie revisits four traditional bûches: L’Opéra (coffee buttercream, espresso-soaked almond sponge cake, chocolate ganache). La Citron Meringuée (almond sponge cake, lemon cream, caramel buttercream and meringue). Forêt Noire (chocolate sponge cake, Morello cherries, Kirchwasser whipped cream on a shortbread base) and the Orange-Chocolate Mousse (sponge with chocolate mousse and orange zest). All $34 for 4 people and $58 for 8. To order and pick up at Park Slope or Industry City visit the website. Pre-orders are from December 18 to 24 and can be picked up the same day. Industry City, 237 36th St. #112, Brooklyn , (347)637-6676; Park Slope, 374 9th St., Brooklyn, (718) 965-6400

The Black Forest bûche from Colson Patisserie. © Colson Patisserie

At Pistache this year it’s simple: Chocolate, Lemon, Coffee or Pistachio. They’ll all be made from a Japanese-style sponge, creamy mousseline and macaron. $70, one size available for 6 to 8 people. Order from Yvan at (917) 597-8387 or by email at [email protected]. Pick-up at Pistache, 630 Flushing Ave. in Brooklyn.

In Greenpoint and Cobble Hill, Charlotte Patisserie is not departing from tradition, and will be offering three classic bûche recipes: Noisette (hazelnut mousse, hazelnut icing), Chocolate Raspberry and the Charlotte (mango, almond with peach mousse and white chocolate on pistachio crunch). One size fits all, prices range from $50 to $60. Order by phone and pick up on site. Charlotte Greenpoint, 596 Manhattan Ave. in Brooklyn, (718) 383-8313. Charlotte Cobble Hill, 201 Court St., Brooklyn, (929) 295-0372.

From the French bakers at Brooklyn French Bakers , the Royal Chocolate, which will delight 10 to 12 people: Sponge, praline, dark chocolate mousse and chocolate decorations. 60$. Order on site. The boutique in Carroll Gardens will close at noon on December 24. Brooklyn French Bakers, 273 Columbia St., Brooklyn 11231, (347) 537-8638

The praline and dark chocolate mousse bûche from Brooklyn French Bakers. © Brooklyn French Bakers


In Forest Hills, Queens, the Boulangerie de François will be offering a new bûche with red fruits, cheesecake & lime mousse. In addition, the bakery is preparing two traditional buttercream recipes: Chocolate-raspberry (chocolate buttercream, homemade raspberry compote, roasted walnuts), and hazelnut (hazelnut praline buttercream, hazelnut praline chips, crunchy hazelnut praline). The bakery offers 3 sizes: the individual at $8, the 7-inch (6-8 people) at $46.50 and the 11-inch (10-12 people) at $65.45. La Boulangerie de François, 109-01 72nd Rd, Queens , (347) 644-5606.

New Jersey

Near Montclair, in Little Falls, eclair specialist Mo & Jay Pastry is offering two logs: The “Snowflake,” made with a vanilla sponge, vanilla mousse and raspberry confit; and the “Hubby,” made with a chocolate cake, praline, chocolate hazelnut cream and chocolate mousse. The logs (8 to 10 people) cost $48 and will be on pre-order until December 20 for pickup between December 22 and 24. 44 Main Street, Suite 1, Little Falls, NJ.

Translated for Frenchly by Caitlin Shetterly from the original French Morning piece.

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