Between Earth and Sea: a Picturesque Summer Holiday in France with Explore Cognac


[Sponsored article] As soon as the warm weather arrives, the Charentes region becomes an amazing playground for tourists eager for gastronomic and seasonal experiences. Explore Cognac invites you to discover how to spend a unique summer in Cognac and the Charentes region.

The Charm of Vineyards in Summer 

Located in the southwest of France, the Charentes region offers a beautiful landscape to explore. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and numerous historic cities such as Angoulême and Cognac, crossed by a river – the Charente – perfect for long summer days, it’s a delight for everyone. But what makes this region unique is, without doubt, its Cognac vineyards, which turn a beautiful shade of green in summer, and offer a wide range of experiences. 

These include pleasant visits and vineyard picnics organized by Maison Bourgoin. This the most authentic and bucolic experience you can imagine: a guided tour of the property, accompanied by local professionals, then having a simple yet delicious lunch in the heart of the vineyard.

Looking for more of a luxurious and high-end experience? Then Maison Boinaud is the place to go, with their Cognac tastings with a breathtaking view of the sun setting over the vines. A perfect summer memory in the making!

Between Sea and River

The Charentes is a region with a unique geography that will appeal to everyone. For those who love the ocean and seafood, the island of Oleron is the place to be. Here you can discover the pride of the Marennes Oleron region: oysters. Cooked or raw, they’re a favorite of the French, who go wild for them at Christmas – during the festive season.

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Maybe you’re not too keen on the sea, preferring the calm of the river? The region has two experiences to offer that are sure to delight you… Discover the town of Saintes and board unique e-boats for a family-friendly, eco-friendly cruise on the Charente river.

And if you want to enjoy an ultra-French experience, then discover the Béthanie peniche – a French flat-bottomed boat – which offers a unique experience. As you cruise along the river, enjoy a tasting of charcuterie and cheese platters; a meal featuring essentially local produce. A perfect moment to relax along the river.

Looking for a Breath of Fresh Air?

If you don’t really like water and are looking for a breath of fresh air during the hot summer months, there’s nothing better than a guided tour of the unique Aubeterre sur Dronne underground church. Carved out in the 12th century, this is the largest rock-cut church in Europe. A unique experience is guaranteed.

After you’ve cooled down a bit, visit the Maison de Cognac Delamain, which offers you the chance to enjoy an exceptional moment during a dinner in their Cognac cellars. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how this spirit is made, while enjoying your meal.

Crédit Cognac Delamain

Just the Right Amount of Partying and Fun for Summer

Summer is all about parties, and you’ll be surprised by the abundance of festive opportunities to enjoy them in the Charentes region! With major events such as the Francopholies de la Rochelle and the Fête du Cognac, you’re almost certain to find something to liven up your evenings during your trip. 

If you prefer daytime activities, you can become a mixology whiz by discovering the Mary Lili, Luciole, and Louise bars, or enjoy a cocktail experience at Château Montifaud.

Crédit BNIC/Aurélien Terrade

Of course, the region is also full of rooftops in unique houses and hotels, where you can spend memorable evenings with Cognac! Explore Cognac recommends Indigo by Martell, Hôtel Chais Monnet, Château de Cognac, and Hôtel Grand Large.

And if you prefer to enjoy a weekend organized from A to Z in La Rochelle, then discover the Essential Europe tour. You can also visit the Explore Cognac website to discover all the activities available in the region.

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