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[Sponsored article] Reims is a true gourmand’s city with a wide range of restaurants, cafés, beer bars, Champagne bars, Champagne houses, winegrowers, food shops, and local producers.

The main specialties of Reims are Champagne, Clovis mustards and vinegars, and the pink biscuit (biscuit rose in French).

Clovis mustard

The mustards from the Clovis boutique are now part of the regional gastronomic heritage and have become essential in the locals’ kitchen: they are savored with red meats or charcuterie and are used to spice up hot sauces or make tasty vinaigrettes.


With its eight Champagne houses and hundreds of winegrowers, you will discover many different Champagnes in Reims.

Every Champagne house and winegrower has indeed its own identity and unique secret to making their Champagne. You can visit the big Champagne houses or smaller winegrowers houses all year long to discover their history, identity, cellars, and taste their prestigious Champagnes directly on site or by booking Champagne tours with a private driver who will take you where the locals go.

Photo credit: Cyrille Beudot-Office from Tourisme du Grand Reims

Biscuit Rose de Reims (pink biscuit)

With its pink color and white topping, the pink biscuit from Reims is immediately recognizable.

It has been the pride of the people of Reims for centuries and can be enjoyed without moderation, as an accompaniment to a flûte de champagne or cooked in desserts, from charlotte to verrines.

Did you know? Originally, the biscuits got their pink color from a food colorant used to hide the unappealing black spots of vanilla!

You can get these biscuits in the Maison Fossier boutique in the city center of Reims. What a great (though short-lived) souvenir to bring back to the U.S.!

A Wide Range of Restaurants

Another thing that makes Reims unique is its diversity of restaurants. There are hundreds of restaurants that offer you every type of cuisine for every budget. From the local traditional restaurant to a gourmet establishment, you will experience a real culinary journey in Reims!

  • Michelin starred restaurants

Reims has five Michelin starred restaurants in the Michelin Guide:

  • Le Grand Cerf and its chef, Dominique Giraudeau, and Le Foch and its chef, Jacky Louaze, each have one star in the prestigious guide.
  • Philippe Mille, chef at Domaine les Crayères, has two stars. Through his cuisine, he elevates the work of the local producers with whom he works and maintains very strong ties.
  • The Racine restaurant and its chef, Kazuyuki Tanaka, also holds two stars thanks to his innovative cuisine that brilliantly combines Asian inspirations and French haute cuisine.
  • Finally, Arnaud Lallement, chef of the Assiette Champenoise, was recognized in 2014 and obtained his third star. The previous year, he had been voted cook of the year by the Gault et Millau guide. Assiette Champenoise ranked in 2022 in the top 5 of the best restaurants in the world.
Left: the tribute dish to the cathedral of Reims by chef Philippe Mille des Crayères (photo credit: AEThion) / Right: the three-starred chef Arnaud Lallement (photo credit: Audexcom)

There are many local adresses to enjoy your coffee or breakfast in the morning, brunch, have lunch and dinner. You can also enjoy nightlife in Reims with its numerous homemade beer bars and local champagne bars. The best way to end the day in Champagne is Champagne!

To discover more about the city and plan your trip, click here.

This article has been written by Reims Tourisme & Congrès.

Cover picture: Brunch at the Sacré Brunch restaurant, photo credits: Audexcom

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