VIDEO: Discover Reims, a French City Featuring Nature and Outdoor Activities (2/5)

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[Sponsored article] Reims is the ideal city to enjoy urban places and nature at the same time, whether on bike or on foot. It is literally countryside inside the city!

Take a Break…

Slow travel provides many opportunities for contemplation and relaxed cultural immersion. To appreciate all the nuances of the city, you should try cycling through it. Take your time, go where cars can’t, ride down to the Coulée Verte and take a walk along the riverbank, stop in the parks where the Vesle river winds…

The many parks and gardens allow you – even in the city center – to take a break, relax, or play sports outdoors. It’s an absolute paradise for walkers, cyclists, and runners: a pedestrian path, la Coulée verte, runs along the canal that crosses Reims and stretches over about twelve miles.

It is the best way to discover Reims from another perspective.

Photo credit: A.D Ville de Reims

…or Embark on an Adventure

By mountain bike or electric bike, the adventure continues easily around Reims, between vineyards and forests. At the edge of the city, you can find the Verzenay Lighthouse, where an ocean of vines meets the horizon, covering all the northern hillside of the Mountain of Reims. You can also admire the Regional Natural Park.

This prime natural area stands on a vast promontory, overlooking prestigious vineyards, exceptional forests, farmland, valleys, and waterways. The park is also home to an astonishing curiosity, a place beloved by Reims inhabitants: the world’s main concentration of twisted beeches (hêtres tordus in French) in Verzy village, which is located only 20 minutes by car from Reims. There, you can discover nature and take a deep breath of fresh air at any time of the year.

Many different hiking and cycling trails are available for people who wish to take the time to discover Reims’ nature, its surrounding villages, and its winegrowers, and experience an authentic adventure in the Champagne region.

Left: the mill of Verzenay / Right: the mill and the vineyards of Verzenay (Photo credit: Office de Tourisme du Grand Reims-Cyrille Beudot)

You can discover more about the nature of Champagne by walking through the vineyards and meeting the passionate winegrowers who will be delighted to help you discover everything about champagne and the Champagne region.

There are many other outdoor activities that visitors can do in Champagne, such as kayaking, horseback riding, or even visiting educational farms. Perfect for families !

To discover more about the city and plan your trip, click here.

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