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What It’s Like to be Black & French in America

Torn between the American Dream and institutionalized racism, these Black French expats tell their story.

The French Origins of White Supremacist Language, Explained

After El Paso, we note the French origins of white supremacist language.

Why French and Americans Can’t Understand Each Others’ Perspective on Race

French Ambassador Gerard Araud and South African "The Daily Host" feud over race and racism in France.

France Wants to Remove the Word “Race” from Its Constitution, Arguing...

A commission dedicated to revising the French Constitution is putting an amendment forward that would remove "race" from Article 1.

Chinese Tourists are Returning to France, But Racism Hasn’t Gone Anywhere

With violence against people of Chinese heritage a common problem in France, tourists are hesitant to visit.

NYC Plaque Honoring Nazi Collaborator Philippe Pétain will be Removed

New York takes its first steps in removing offensive monuments from city property.

Anti-Police Brutality Protests Continue in Paris

Parisians respond with protest after a Chinese man was shot by police in his home in Paris last week.

Why France Doesn’t Celebrate Black History Month

What France does (and doesn't do) to remember and honor the legacy of slavery and slave trade.
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