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Meet the National Rally’s New Poster Boy, Jordan Bardella

“I prefer to focus on 2030 rather than thinking about the movement’s history," says Jordan Bardella about the National Rally.

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally Party Comes Out On Top In...

Turns out, the yellow vests are doing more than protesting: they're also voting.

Marine Le Pen Tries to Rally the Gilets Jaunes

The National Rally takes a shot at rallying the gilets jaunes.

Steve Bannon Speaks at Front National Rally in France

Steve Bannon stirs up nationalist sentiment in one of France's most powerful parties.

Marine Le Pen Sets Sight on Parliamentary Vote

Marine Le Pen hopes to get more seats for her party in France's parliament.

France’s Small Towns Are Shifting Right Politically

Marine Le Pen's far-right National Front may have lost the election, but they may win big in small towns.

An American in Paris: Living through the French Election

We know what the media says is happening, but what does an American expat say?

What’s Next in the Presidential Election?

After a historic first round of the French presidential election, politicians are voicing their concerns.

Is Marine Le Pen France’s Donald Trump?

Can Marine Le Pen be so easily compared to America's current president?
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