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The Worst of France’s Heatwave Ends with a Night of “Violent”...

Neither the country nor the people have no chill during this month-long European heat wave.

Macron Defends Trump on Paris Accord Decision

Emmanuel Macron says that he "respects Trump and his decision" to pull out of the Paris Agreement.

“Make our Planet Great Again”: How Many Americans Responded to Macron’s...

Though the Paris climate accords dissolves, Macron still makes efforts to bring Americans into climate change conversation.

Paris Plans to Phase Out All Non-Electric Cars by 2030

Contrary to media reports, it's not a ban.

Macron Pushes Harder Than Ever for Global Environmental Pact

Emmanuel Macron is not backing down on his plan to "make the planet great again."

Macron Trolls Trump with “Make Our Planet Great Again” Site

The battle between the two new leaders continues.

France Fights Back on Paris Climate Accord

France once again shows that it has a way with words... or should we say Twitter videos?

Macron Throws Shade at Trump with “Make Our Planet Great Again”

In 9 minutes, Macron reaffirms France's role in the fight against climate change, and disses Trump.
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